NWA World Championship Wrestling 2/22/86


Road Warriors vs Bill Mulkey/Carl Styles

Lol. After destroying some jobbers, LOD are gonna deport the Russians. 

Animal slams Carl Styles.gif

Tully Blanchard vs Mike Jackson

Lmao after Tully out-wrestled and suplexed Boss Man last week, this much, much smaller jobber is out-wrestling him. He has to cheat to get an advantage, but then he cheats more just for fun. This is a legit ass match, y'all, and it's fun. Tully wins with the slingshot suplex in the end.

JJ Dillon is concerned.gif
Tully Blanchard slaps Mike Jackson.gif
Tully Blanchard punches Mike Jackson.gif

Ric Flair debuts THE BIG GOLD BELT! So shiny. So unbent. "To be the man, daddeh, you gotta beat the man" 

Ric Flair debuts big gold belt.gif
Ric Flair hits Tony Schiavone with cloth.gif

Baron Von Raschke vs Rocky King

Get this old fuckin' Nazi outta my fuckin' face. 

Baron Von Raschke knee drop to Rocky King.gif

Teijho Kahn vs George South

I feel like Kahn's name is going to change spelling every week. He quickly won with a pretty shitty powerslam. 

Teijho Kahn powerslam to George South.gif

Ron Garvin vs Bob Owens

Poor Bob. You'll never guess what Ron said he was going to keep doing after his match.

Ron Garvin big boot to Bob Owens.gif


Arn Anderson vs Denny Brown NWA TV Championship

Denny is the World Junior Heavyweight Champion. Ric Flair joined for commentary. Arn has some issues, so Ric goes to ringside, which brings Dusty out as well. A few shows ago, Arn said off-handedly said something about squatting 600 pounds. I wonder if that was legit. I've been thinking about it every show since. You totally get to see Denny's pubes when Arn pulls him out of the ring by his trunks. Man, Arn and Tully were so good at having legit competitive matches with guys they should be squashing and making the crowds think they were going to lose. Like, exceptionally good. Arn wins with a surprise gourdbuster OUTTA NOWHERE. Title retained. Dusty gets in the ring, ready for a fight, so Magnum comes out as well. Arn and Flair decide to do a promo instead, and Tony shows footage of a Flair/Garvin at a house show match that went to a 60 minute draw. Flair brought Garvin back into the ring, and Garvin knocked him out and pinned him. Flair was not happy about it being shown.

Arn Anderson punches Denny Brown.gif
Dusty Rhodes is concerned.gif
Arn Anderson gourdbuster to Denny Brown.gif

The Barbarian vs Kent Glover

Another diving headbutt victory.

Barbarian big boot to Kent Glover.gif

Midnight Express vs MIke Simani/Larry Clarke

Dennis Condrey really wrestles in a fucking ascot. Lmao. He killed one of these dudes with a skull crushing finale. The RNRs came out with tennis rackets after the match and laid a beating on the tag champs. 

Dennis Condrey eliminates jobber.gif
Bobby Eaton flying knee drop to jobber.gif
Dennis Condrey skull crushing finale to jobber.gif

Rock N' Roll Express vs Black Bart/Thunderfoot

FUCK BLACK BART. What a tub of shit. You know, David or Tony or RNR themselves always say "rock and roll is here to stay" as if that was in question after 30+ years of rock. RNR won with the double dropkick.

Robert Gibson double noggin knocker to Black Bart Thunderfoot.gif

Magnum TA vs Bill Tabb

Magnum quickly won with the belly to belly while talking shit to and staring down Nikita. He then attacks Nikita (FROM BEHIND) and they brawl on the floor, necessitating a giant pull apart by all of the jobbers. Then Dusty dives in on top of everyone. Lol. It doesn't work and the show ends with the brawl continuing. WE'RE OUTTA TIME! 

Magnum TA belly to belly suplex to Bill Tabb.gif
Magnum TA double ax handle to Nikita Koloff.gif

This show also featured promos from Tully and JJ, the Russians, Cornette, RNR, and Dusty talking about Hollywood and doing a sunglasses commercials.