NWA World Championship Wrestling 1/4/86

It's a new year, and a new day, yes it is. Dusty Rhodes has won the NWA National Championship. Ole Anderson has suffered a severe leg injury at the hands of Dusty Rhodes.

Rock N' Roll Express vs Thunderfoot/Jim Jeffers

Double dropkick gets another win for the champs.

Ricky Morton knee lift to Jim Jeffers.gif

Harley Race vs Tony Zane

Harley won with the diving headbutt. 

Harley Race diving Headbutt to Tony Zane.gif

Ron Bass vs Bill Tabb

Ron won with the claw. Fuck Ron Bass.

Ron Garvin vs Mac Jeffers

Ron got slapped at the start of the match and spent the next 5 minutes slapping the dog shit out of Mac, just utterly manhandling him before beating him with the KO punch.

Ron Garvin chop to Mac Jeffers.gif
Ron Garvin man handles Mac Jeffers.gif

Road Warriors vs Josh Stroud/Gene Ligon/Mark Hawk

Bird on bird violence :( This went on about 20 seconds, with (almost) in stereo American Sickles. 

Hawk running lariat.gif

Manny Fernandez vs Larry Clark

Manny destroyed Larry's leg all match before winning with the flying burrito. 

Manny Fernandez kicks Larry Clark in leg.gif

Arn Anderson vs Kent Glover

Arn mauled Kent in honor of Ole.

Arn Anderson hammerlock slams Kent Glover.gif

Jimmy Valiant vs ???

Fuck Jimmy Valiant. 

Dennis Condrey vs Rocky King

Dennis killed Rocky with a brainbuster.

Magnum TA vs Barbarian

Harley did commentary, as he has an upcoming match with Magnum. Poor Pee Wee Anderson (!!!) got bumped, leading to Paul Jones hitting Magnum with his cane. Harley then got in the ring to count the pin himself. The three heels beat Magnum down until the RNR and Jimmy Valiant made the save.

Barbarian big boot to Magnum TA
Barbarian Harley Race diving headbutts to Magnum TA.gif

Sam Houston/Nelson Royal vs Pablo Crewnshaw/Don Turner

Nelson Royal looked every bit of 64. Sam very quickly won with the bulldog. 

This show featured MULTIPLE promos each from Flair/Arn/Tully/JJ vs Dusty/LOD/Magnum/Jimmy Valiant, all relating to how each side is now going to take each other out one by one until it gets down to Flair vs Dusty again. Tully dropped Baby Doll for JJ Dillon, who dropped all of his clients to focuses solely on Tully. After Tully slapped Baby Doll, Dusty saved her so she's now with him. There were also promos from Harley Race hyping up matches with Magnum and a cage match in St. Louis with Flair, as well as Jim Cornette continuing to challenge the RNR, and Ivan Koloff fucking with LOD/America.

Tully Blanchard slaps Baby Doll.gif
Ric Flair plays dead.gif