NWA World Championship Wrestling 11/23/85

Terry Taylor vs Black Cat

Terry won with the superplex.

Don Kernodle vs Don Turner

Don's singlet is see-through and he's not wearing any jock or under tights. I'm saying you can see is dick. I can see his dick. Don won with a flying lariat. 

Barbarian vs Stoney Burke

Barb won with the diving headbutt, although he could have won the match with the big boot about a minute in.

Billy Graham vs Tony Zane

Man, Superstar out here straight up in red and yellow tie dye tights with yellow boots, blond mustache with dark accents. Fuck you, Hulkster. He also had been calling his arms "pythons" for years, and had he not shaved his head, would have looked nearly identical to 2002 era Hogan. Also, god damn, Superstar was SO washed at this point in his career. You see his matches form the late 70s where he was bumping like crazy all over the ring and you see him at the end of 1985 and it's basically a different person. Billy very easily won with the backbreaker. 

Superstar Billy Graham Hulk Hogan tights

Manny Fernandez vs Buddy Landel

At some point in this match, Manny got busted open. Seems a little unnecessary for a featured studio match, but who am I to say. The time limit expired, even though they continued after time ran out. 

Black Bart vs Rocky King

Bart won with the trash compactor, a fucking terrible second rope leg drop. Fuck Black Bart.

Billy Jack Haynes vs JIm Jeffers

Billy Jerk quickly won with the full nelson.

Ron Bass/Pez Whatley/Italian Stalion vs Carl Styles/Kent Glover/Larry Clark

Pistol Pez got the win with his flying headbutt. 

Sam Houston vs Golden Terror

Ric Flair joined for commentary during this match. Ric suplexed Houston on the floor for no apparent reason, getting him counted out. 

This show also featured promos from Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, Terry Taylor, Ron Bass, LOD (from a previous episode), Billy Jack Haynes, and Denny Brown.