NWA World Championship Wrestling 12/7/85

Rock N' Roll Express vs Jeffers Brothers

RNRs very quickly win with the double dropkick.

Ron Garvin vs Tommy Lane

Garvin wins with the KO punch.

Arn Anderson vs Italian Stallion

SWERVE: Arn  gave his match to Nikita Koloff. Nikita quickly won with the Russian Sickle. 

Senior NWA official Tommy Young announces that he's reversed his decision on the Flair/Dusty match, disqualifying Flair for the interference from the Andersons, meaning...RIC FLAIR IS STILL NWA CHAMPION!

Road Warriors vs Paul Garner/Adrian Bivens

LOD were particularly mean on this day. Hawk won with the American Sickle.  

Magnum TA/Billy Jack Haynes/Sam Houston vs Ole Anderson/Arn Anderson/Tully Blanchard

A new rule to the Superstation Championship Challenge Series: Matches can only end by pinfall or submission, meaning no DQs and should time limits expire, the wrestlers will get a breather and resume the match. Most of the match was centered around the Horsemen keeping Magnum cut off from his team, using all kinds of chicanery behind the ref's back. Eventually Sam Houston got the hot tag and had Ole pinned, but Arn came off the top rope with an ax handle smash to steal the win.

Jimmy Valiant vs Vernon Deaton

Fuck Jimmy Valiant

Terry Taylor vs Brody Chase

Rooster won with the superplex. He was very pissy.

Barbarian vs George South

Barb won with the diving headbutt.

Buddy Landel vs Jeff Smith

Buddy won with the figure four.

Ivan Koloff/Khrusher Khrushchev vs Mark Cooper/Jim Blackland

Ivan pinned Cooper with the Russian Sickle. 

This show also featured promos from Tully Blanchard (twice), JJ Dillon, Paul Jones, the Russians, Magnum TA, Dusty, and LOD/Paul Ellering.