NWA World Championship Wrestling 12/21/85

Ole Anderson vs Bob Wayne

Ole won with a shoulder lock.

Nikita Koloff vs Tony Zane

The Russian Sickle cuts down another victim. 


Barbarian vs Richard Dunn

Barb KILLED this dude.

Khrusher Khrushchev vs Bill Mulkey

Another one chopped down to by the sickle.

Tully Blanchard vs Vernon Deaton

Tully won with the slingshot suplex.

Sam Houston vs Kent Glover

Sam hit the bulldog for the win.

Ric Flair promo

Ron Garvin/Manny Fernandez vs Thunderfoot/Black Bart

God, fuck Black Bart so much. Manny bladed for this. Or, more likely, hadn't healed up his cut from Starrcade. Ron won with a top rope sunset flip.

Ron Garvin was set to do a promo when he was interrupted by Ric Flair, which ended with both men challenging each other for next week.

Rock N' Roll Express vs Randy Mulkey/Larry Clarke

Ricky won with a sunset flip.

Magnum TA vs George South

Obviously, Magnum almost immediately wins with the belly to belly.

Arn Anderson vs Josh Stroud

Arn wins with the gourdbuster.

Ivan Koloff vs Don Turner

Ivan won with the sickle.

This show also featured 3 other Ric Flair promos, as well as promos from Paul Jones, Dusty Rhodes, Arn, Tully (with a tease of the Baby Doll leaving him), Dusty and Magnum together, and Jim Crockett Jr.