NWA World Championship Wrestling 11/2/85

The show opens with highlights of Jimmy Valiant getting a victory only to be assaulted by the Midnight Express. 

Manny Fernandez vs Tommy Lane

A quick win via flying burrito by the Raging Bull.

TO THE DAVID. David spoke with Ric Flair last week in the empty studio. He knows it is medically impossible for Dusty Rhodes to compete with him on November 3rd. 

TO THE TONY. The Andersons are in studio, reiterating that Dusty will not be able to compete tomorrow after they broke his leg, but if he does, they'll just rebreak it.

Buddy Landel vs Tony Zane

Buddy won with the figure four in short order. After the match, JJ Dillon challenges Terry Taylor to defend his National Championship at Starrcade against the real Nature Boy, Buddy Landel. 

Rock 'N Roll Express vs Mike Davis/George South

Lmao at Gibson blowing a leap frog as the first spot of the match. He recovered and RNR won with the double dropkick.

TO THE TONY. Tully Blanchard is refusing to give Magnum TA another US title shot. Magnum wants an I Quit match, and NWA President Bob Geigel refuses to sanction such a potentially dangerous match.  

Billy Jack Haynes vs Black Cat

Billy Jerk could have been big if he wasn't so dogshit. He won with the full nelson.

Tony spoke with Dusty's doctor a few weeks back, discussing if Dusty could come back by 11/3. Dusty has a newfangled air cast that will protect his ankle. 

Magnum TA vs Keith Erich

Magnum wins with the belly to belly in about 15 seconds. 

TO THE TONY. Superstar Billy Graham is interrupted by Paul Jones.

Billy Graham vs Abdullah The Butcher

Abby attacks before Superstar even gets into the ring,and these two barely mobile fucks are having a match to soften up Superstar's arm for his arm wrestling contest with Barbarian. This is terrible. Barbarian comes out to end this garbage. The heels are chased away by some lower card faces.

Pez Whatley vs Benny Traylor

Pez won with a flying headbutt.

TO THE TONY. JJ is back, this time with Black Bart. He has a bullrope match with Ron Bass at Starrcade. 

Jim Crockett Jr. announces matches for next week and Starrcade. He also talks about the Magnum/Tully situation, which got completely out of control after Magnum kissed Baby Doll, Baby Doll slapped Magnum, and Tully and Magnum beat the shit out of each other as David Crockett got pulled into the fray. There was an old, signed contract that Jim is using to sanction and force him into the I Quit cage match at Starrcade. Well, that doesn't seem fair at all.

Tully Blanchard vs Denny Brown

Naturally, Tully is flipping his shit. After screaming at Tony and David, he hits the ring and beats the shit out of Denny, except Denny fought back. Tully won with the slingshot suplex. 

TO THE TONY. Arn and Ole are back, also flipping their shit that Tully is being forced into the cage match by an unscrupulous promoter.

Nikita Koloff vs Mac Jeffers

A quick Russian Sickle ended Jeffers. The Russians spoke with Tony after the match.

Ivan Koloff/Khrusher Khrushchev vs Ricky Reeves/Jerry Garmon

Quick and easy win for the Russians.

Jimmy Valiant vs Jimmy Black

Ron Garvin, dressed as a woman, comes out and kisses Jimmy Valiant, then knocked Jimmy Black/Backlund/Blackund/Del Rey out with a slap. 

Jim Cornette ends the show ranting and raving about that old "woman". Jimmy runs him off.