NWA World Championship Wrestling 12/28/85

Sam Houston vs Tony Zane

Sam quickly won with the bulldog.

Midnight Express vs Mark Cooper/Josh Stroud

Seems like the Midnights haven't crushed some dudes for at least a month. Condrey won with a lariat.

Arn Anderson vs George South

Quick gourdbuster win for Arn.

Rocky King vs Mac Jeffers

A rare jobber vs jobber match on the Superstation. Rocky is about to get a push, it seems. He got the win with a powerslam.

Black Bart  vs Jim Jeffers

Bart won with a leg drop. Fuck Bart.

Magnum TA vs Ole Anderson

After a commercial break, Dusty and Arn both came out to ringside. Magnum seemed to bust himself open doing a headbutt at one point. This went the full 20 minute time limit, with Magnum pinning Ole as time ran out. But due to the new rules of the Championship Challenge Series that Jim Crockett Jr. laid down a few weeks ago, he comes out and says the match must continue. Dusty and Arn got into it, and Magnum rolled up Ole while Ole was distracted by it. 

Jim Crockett Jr. says the Superstation Championship Challenge will continue for one more show, and the fans will choose the 4 matches, which will air during prime time on Friday, February 7th. It sounds like a pilot version of COTC.

Ric Flair vs Ron Garvin NWA Championship

A very, very rare on TV world title defense. There were a WHOLE lot of chops in this. A whole, whole lot. A whole, whole, whole lot. After a ref bump, Dusty Rhodes hit the ring and attacked Flair, weirdly putting him in the figure four. The Andersons then hit the ring, attacked the ref, and then Dusty's previously injured leg. Various faces hit the ring and were eliminated. Magnum's appearance was the big turning point, but it appears Dusty was reinjured. 

Ole, Arn, and Flair then cut a ranting and raving promo on Magnum, Dusty, and JCP as a whole.  

Italian Stallion vs Pablo Crenshaw

Lmao what a follow up. Stallion won with a powerslam. 

Tully Blanchard vs Kent Glover

Tully very quickly won with the slingshot suplex.

This show also featured promos from Dusty, Tully, Flair, Magnum, Cornette (twice), JJ, and Dusty/Garvin/Magnum. 

NWA World Championship Wrestling 12/21/85

Ole Anderson vs Bob Wayne

Ole won with a shoulder lock.

Nikita Koloff vs Tony Zane

The Russian Sickle cuts down another victim. 


Barbarian vs Richard Dunn

Barb KILLED this dude.

Khrusher Khrushchev vs Bill Mulkey

Another one chopped down to by the sickle.

Tully Blanchard vs Vernon Deaton

Tully won with the slingshot suplex.

Sam Houston vs Kent Glover

Sam hit the bulldog for the win.

Ric Flair promo

Ron Garvin/Manny Fernandez vs Thunderfoot/Black Bart

God, fuck Black Bart so much. Manny bladed for this. Or, more likely, hadn't healed up his cut from Starrcade. Ron won with a top rope sunset flip.

Ron Garvin was set to do a promo when he was interrupted by Ric Flair, which ended with both men challenging each other for next week.

Rock N' Roll Express vs Randy Mulkey/Larry Clarke

Ricky won with a sunset flip.

Magnum TA vs George South

Obviously, Magnum almost immediately wins with the belly to belly.

Arn Anderson vs Josh Stroud

Arn wins with the gourdbuster.

Ivan Koloff vs Don Turner

Ivan won with the sickle.

This show also featured 3 other Ric Flair promos, as well as promos from Paul Jones, Dusty Rhodes, Arn, Tully (with a tease of the Baby Doll leaving him), Dusty and Magnum together, and Jim Crockett Jr.

NWA World Championship Wrestling 12/14/85

Magnum TA vs Bill Tabb

Quick belly to belly win for Magnum.

Minnesota Wrecking Crew vs Rocky King/Italian Stallion

Arn pinned Rocky with the gourdbuster.

Tully Blanchard vs Gerald Finley

Slingshot suplex gets the win for Tully in easy fashion. He even gave a handshake and didn't even cheap shot out of it.

Rock N' Roll Express vs Vernon Deaton/George South

RNR won with the double dropkick. They were exceptionally cunty in this match for some reason.

Nikita Koloff vs Mac Jeffers

Nikita killed this dude. 

Pez Whatley vs Khrusher Krushchev NWA Mid Atlantic Championship match

Ivan caused a distraction, which allowed Smash to hit a Russian Sickle for the win. Title retained. This was so long and so fucking dull.

Road Warriors vs Larry Clark/Paul Garner

Hawk out here doing rebound snap German suplexes. The heck? Animal won with the American Sickle. 

Sam Houston vs Mike Nickols

Same won with a bulldog. Nickols had hilarious selling.

Manny Fernandez vs Kent Glover

Manny won with the flying burrito. 

Barbarian vs Alan Martin

Poor Alan got absolutely decimated.

Ron Garvin vs Al Scott

Ron beat this dude so bad that it was actually uncomfortable.

This show also featured promos from LOD, RNR, Ron Garvin, Paul Jones, the Russians, the Andersons, Tully, Buddy Landel, and Dusty/Magnum wearing full length fur coats that cost $33K a piece.

NWA World Championship Wrestling 12/7/85

Rock N' Roll Express vs Jeffers Brothers

RNRs very quickly win with the double dropkick.

Ron Garvin vs Tommy Lane

Garvin wins with the KO punch.

Arn Anderson vs Italian Stallion

SWERVE: Arn  gave his match to Nikita Koloff. Nikita quickly won with the Russian Sickle. 

Senior NWA official Tommy Young announces that he's reversed his decision on the Flair/Dusty match, disqualifying Flair for the interference from the Andersons, meaning...RIC FLAIR IS STILL NWA CHAMPION!

Road Warriors vs Paul Garner/Adrian Bivens

LOD were particularly mean on this day. Hawk won with the American Sickle.  

Magnum TA/Billy Jack Haynes/Sam Houston vs Ole Anderson/Arn Anderson/Tully Blanchard

A new rule to the Superstation Championship Challenge Series: Matches can only end by pinfall or submission, meaning no DQs and should time limits expire, the wrestlers will get a breather and resume the match. Most of the match was centered around the Horsemen keeping Magnum cut off from his team, using all kinds of chicanery behind the ref's back. Eventually Sam Houston got the hot tag and had Ole pinned, but Arn came off the top rope with an ax handle smash to steal the win.

Jimmy Valiant vs Vernon Deaton

Fuck Jimmy Valiant

Terry Taylor vs Brody Chase

Rooster won with the superplex. He was very pissy.

Barbarian vs George South

Barb won with the diving headbutt.

Buddy Landel vs Jeff Smith

Buddy won with the figure four.

Ivan Koloff/Khrusher Khrushchev vs Mark Cooper/Jim Blackland

Ivan pinned Cooper with the Russian Sickle. 

This show also featured promos from Tully Blanchard (twice), JJ Dillon, Paul Jones, the Russians, Magnum TA, Dusty, and LOD/Paul Ellering.

NWA World Championship Wrestling 11/30/85

Italian Stallion/Rocky King vs Midnight Express

Not quite as violent, and certainly longer than an average Midnights squash. Condrey pinned Rocky with a brainbuster. 

Tommy Lane vs Manny Fernandez

Raging Bull won with the flying buritto. 

Road Warriors vs Black Bart/Thunderfoot

Ivan Koloff came out to cut a promo during this match. Paul Ellering confronted him, but it was a SET UP, as Nikita ambushed Paul, then Krusher Krushchev appeared as Hawk got triple teamed. Animal continued the match in the ring and won, but was then also attacked by all three Russians.

Ron Garvin vs Jim Jeffers

Garvin's squashes are so fucking rude. He won with the KO punch and a tea bagging.

Already a shorter than normal show, much of it was devoted to Starrcade highlights. The show also included Jim Crockett announcing a one night tournament to crown a new TV Champion, promos from Arn Anderson (with a promo within a promo), LOD, Manny Fernandez, and Billy Jack Haynes, as well as highlights of Dusty Rhodes vs Tully Blanchard from the GAB 1985.