WWF Monday Night Raw 7/9/01

Well, Linda apparently doesn't give a shit about WWF guys interfering in WCW matches like she said she would. WCW is at odds with itself, with DDP attacking Shane McMahon, and the rest of the roster attacking Booker T. Vince McMahon apparently forgot WCW even existed, spending Smackdown going to a titty bar with Tajiri after embarrassing himself and having a breakdown in the ring. Raw is emanating from WCW's home base of Atlanta. Shane McMahon will face DDP in a street fight. The first ever WWF vs WCW match will take place, with Mike Awesome/Lance Storm facing The Undertaker in a handicap match. JR's commentary is very similar to that of Survivor Series 1997, in which he essentially spoiled the Screwjob in the opening minutes of the show.

Shane McMahon vs DDP Street Fight

Yes. This is real. McMahon vs Wrestler already in WCW. Undertaker comes to the ring before DDP and tells Shane to back the fuck off. Shane agrees, and then helps Taker fight DDP. So, I guess this is now Taker vs DDP officially? Taker beats the shit out of DDP, then Shane attacks Taker with his kendo stick. This was the first logical thing in the Invasion, because Shane was saving one of his top stars, even if he had a personal issue with him. On the other hand, it was treated as a planned heel turn. Shane and DDP beat up Taker for a bit, then Sara beats up Shane with the stick. DDP hit her with the Kanyon Cutter. OUTTA NOWHERE! BANG! So, that whole fight with them on SD was a set up. The implication being that Shane has been behind the stalker thing the whole time, which...obviously. I don't know why that was ever in doubt. It was hinted at once at the very beginning, then never mentioned again, but obviously Shane was at least complicit in it.


TO THE BACK. DDP and Shane come across Taker's bike. DDP steals it. Elsewhere, Sara is loaded into the ambulance as Taker promises revenge.

Dudley Boyz vs APA WWF Tag Team Championships

Forgot the APA even wrestled.  Maybe the Dudleys are moles. You ever think about that? Where were they when Booker was attacking Vince/Austin and running out of the building? Bradshaw isn't nearly as stiff as he needed to be, and Faarooq has his arm taped up all the way to his fucking shoulder. Spike comes down and hits Bubba with a crutch. This distracts D-Von. JBL hits him with the lariat from heck to win the titles. When did Spike break his leg?

TO THE BACK. Austin, Vince, and Debra brainstorm. Austin keeps mimicking Vince. "Let's face it: Shane McMahon is a bad apple. "He's a bad apple." "And I guess apple doesn't fall far from the tree." "Now that's enough of that." Kurt shows up with gifts. "Did you get one for Debra?" "I'm sorry, what'd you say?" "Is that one for me?" "Uh..no." "Ha ha ha." Lol. Angle got them badges. Angle got a giant gold badge to match his gold medals. "Badges? Badges? WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' BADGES!" Austin convinces Angle to go attack Booker T. Elsewhere, Kane arrives. Why is it okay for so many guys to show up to work late?

Rhyno vs Albert WWF Intercontinental Championship

"The mohel of misery." Jesus fuck, Paul. Might as well call him the dick slicer. "The Meshugganator." The...idiot maker? We get it, Paul, you and Albert are Jews. Me, too. You're being obnoxious.  X-Pac got involved one too many times and got gored. Rhyno then turned around into a bicycle kick from the "Canter of Chaos". That one makes even less sense. A canter is basically a priest. So Albert is a dick cutting priest of chaos, whose finisher is the Idiot Maker, according to Paul Heyman. Title retained.   


TO THE BACK. Kurt confronts Booker T. Booker got booed. In Atlanta. Same city Kurt won gold in. And Kurt is more popular. Says it all about the state of WCW. Kurt challenges Booker to a match tonight.  "With that cute little cowboy hat you had on last week, you really think got a chance against me, Mr. Cowboy?" "Yippie Kai Yay, Mother Hubbard."

TO THE OFFICE. Regal informs Kane about Sara's condition. Kane then takes Undertaker's spot in the handicap match.

Jeff Hardy vs Big Show

Eligible bachelor Brother Nero facing Brother Big Show. Trish is out to support Jeff. "JR, I don't know if you ever noticed this, but Trish is rather hot." Show dominated and won with the reverse powerbomb. Trish kissed Jeff after the match, so who really won? 


TO THE BACK. Angle prepares for his match by stretching with his asshole right in Austin's face. Lol. "Please tell him to get his ass away from my face." Austin volunteers as leader for the Inaugural Brawl at Invasion. Kurt thinks he should be the leader if he wins the WCW Championship tonight. Kurt brings up Gilligan's Island, and they argue over who is the Skipper and who is Gilligan. Both are in the match, so they should stop arguing. Taker is also in. Chris Jericho shows up, saying the rumors about him taking the title to WCW were just rumors, because he would never go back to WCW. He wants to be on the team. They turn him down, and Angle mimics Austin like Austin did earlier with Vince. These three has so much chemistry. Every segment knocks it out of the park.


TO WWF NEW YORK. Matt Hardy and Lita are at New York to talk about the bra and panties tag challenge at Invasion. They don't know if they can trust Trish. Lita then makes out with Matt. 

TO THE BACK. Shane hypes Booker up. Booker now has the US Championship with him, which had not made its appearance on TV outside of a promo picture. Shane is now a heel, and Booker is getting hyped with him, so does that mean Booker is now a heel, too?

TO THE BACK. Vince and Austin get Angle hyped up. Austin says they'll be behind him more than in spirit. "Where were you in 1996?" "Well, what day?" Lol. Fuck. These guys consistently make me laugh at least once per segment. Kurt doesn't need them in his corner, because he won the Olympics by himself. He's going to do it for his God blessed country! 

Kurt Angle vs Booker T WCW Championship

The first ever interpromotional match between WCW and the WWF! Shane comes out with Booker. Booker was already getting a mixed reaction earlier in the show, and now he's getting a 80% heel reaction. IN ATLANTA. IN A WCW VS WWF MATCH. Christ. And Booker starts with cheap shots and working heel. Amazing. What backwards booking. This whole angle is such a mess. Oh, and they got rid of Stacy, Arn, and Scott Hudson. JR and Paul are calling the match. Even though this is a WCW match. With WCW logo, apron, and announce table. Shane gets involved, and Nick Patrick allows. Man, Booker does not look good. So sluggish. Maybe he was injured coming into the Invasion or something. Regardless, he has not looked like the Booker of WCW in his entire WWF run so far. Booker controls most of this match, usually with heel tactics. This Atlanta crowd is literally chanting for heel Kurt Angle over WCW Champion Booker T, who was a face up until about 6 minutes ago. The only thing Booker gets a pop for is the spinarooni. It's hilarious that JR is talking about Shane like it is 1999 again after talking so positively about him for the past few months. Booker taps to the ankle lock. Nick Patrick manages to miss it. Then Nick is bumped, so Earl Hebner counts the pin after the Angle Slam. Nick pulls Earl out of the ring, then Earl spears Nick and they brawl. Booker hits Kurt with the belt to retain his title. This angle is FUBAR'd. 


TO THE BACK. Angle wonders where the fuck Austin and Vince were. WHAT THE HECK?!? 

TO THE SCOTT. Wait. Scott Hudson was in the building and wasn't used for the WCW Championship match? The fuck? He talks to Torrie and Stacy about their upcoming bra and panties match with Lita and Trish. 

TO THE BACK. The APA and Dudleys talk about their match. APA had nothing to do with Spike and offer them a rematch on SD. They also offer some beers, which the Dudleys rebuke. "Why don't you ask us again at the end of the night." 

Kane vs Lance Storm/Mike Awesome

So, Lance is the first WCW guy to Invade and then...doesn't even make an appearance on WWF TV for a month. Mike Awesome wins the Hardcore Championship IN MSG, hasn't made an appearance in weeks. Now they're in a handicap match against Kane, which was supposed to be against Taker.  The last time we saw Lance, he was a face. The last time we saw Awesome, I guess he was a heel since he was attacking Taker and then Booker. Chris Jericho makes his entrance, so this is now a tag team match. Jericho is trying to show his loyalty. The 24/7 rule for the Hardcore Championship has been waived until after Invasion. Paul tries hard not to shit on Mike Awesome, making reference to his jump to WCW while being ECW Champion, then losing to WWF contracted talent Tazz, who then jobbed to WWF Champion HHH on Smackdown, then dropped the title to Tommy Dreamer, who immediately lost it to Justin Credible. It was a weird time. There is quite a bit of talk about the Thrillseekers, although their time in SMW is not acknowledged at all. Strangely, this has WAY more heat than Booker/Angle. There are also some oblique references to WAR and FMW. Jericho spends most of the match as FIP. I'm not sure it was a great idea to debut Awesome against Kane, one of the few guys bigger than him, but then WCW did the same thing by debuting him against the bigger Kevin Nash. Jericho puts Lance in the Walls of Jericho, but then RVD and Tommy Dreamer hit the ring OUTTA NOWHERE. They team up with Lance and Awesome to beat up the WWF stars. A section of the WWF mid card hits the ring. Wait a second. Those are all ECW guys! HOLY SHIT. ECW HAS REUNITED IN THE WWF! "Feel it, JR! Feel this moment for the rest of your life!" ECW beats up Kane and Jericho. Then Paul Heyman jumps into the ring to explain it all. Everyone done forgot about the TRIBE OF EXTREME. These men were TOO EXTREME for WWF vs WCW. The Invasion just became WWF vs WCW vs....ECW! The Invasion just got taken to the...EXTREME. This was a hot as fuck angle, even with my distaste for ECW as a whole. 


TO THE BACK. Vince and Shane run into each other. They almost get into a fight, but Shane convinces Vince that they should work together to get rid of ECW. 5 WCW guys, 5 WWF guys, against the 10 ECW guys. One night only! 

Scotty 2 Hotty vs X-Pac WWF Light Heavyweight Championship

I wish they'd be more consistent with the X-Factor music on the Network. Some weeks it is the real song. Most weeks it is some random rock dub. Regardless of music, X-Pac is still the most over heel on the show. JR continues the show on his own. Kid won by countering a sunset flip and holding onto the ropes.


TO THE BACK. Vince and Shane hold a meet with the WWF and WCW locker rooms. Vince wants the WCW guy to follow the WWF guys. Shane wants the WWF guys to follow the WCW guys. Shane will PERSONALLY lead the match so WCW can be in charge, but Vince will hold him personally responsible if something bad happens. Crowd is chanting for Goldberg for most of this segment. After Shane leaves, Vince tells the WWF guys to not listen to Shane, who had no plans to follow him in the first place.

WWF/WCW vs ECW 10 Man tag

The WWF contingent: APA, Billy Gunn, Big Show, Hardcore Holly. The WCW contingent: Shane McMahon leading Sean O'Haire, Chuck Palumbo, Mark Jindrak, Shawn Stasiak, and Chris Kanyon. KANYON IS MAIN EVENTING RAW!!! The ECW contingent: Tommy Dreamer, RVD, Dudley Boyz, Rhyno, Tazz, Raven, Justin Credible, Mike Awesome, and Lance Storm.

The WWF and WCW guys start brawling before the ECW guys even coming out. ECW guys then come out of the crowd. The WCW guys are all knocked out of the ring, leaving to a 10 on 5 advantage. Shane holds the WCW crew back. ECW knocks of the the WWF guys out of the ring. WCW hits the ring, then the two sides join forces. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Shane and Paul embrace. Vince comes out, wondering what the hell is going on in his ring. Sean O'Haire hits a F5 on Bradshaw. The first in a WWF ring. Faarooq gets hit with the 3D. Shane reveals that ECW and WCW have merged and introduces the new owner of ECW: STEPHANIE MCMAHON. OH MY GOD!


This angle is totally off the rails. The show STARTS with Shane turning heel, and therefore turning WCW heel as a result, even though WCW was already heel to the audience despite being portrayed as the face faction in the writing. And this happens in Atlanta, the home of WCW. But before Shane turned heel, DDP got almost no reaction anyway. Later in the show, Booker T, who was still a face, got booed against comedy heel Kurt Angle in a backstage segment. Then Booker is with Shane, so that automatically makes him a heel despite not actually turning. He just now cheats because if Shane's a heel, he must be a heel, too. 

But the thing is, Smackdown ended with DDP attacking Shane, then the rest of the WCW roster attacking Booker. This show reveals that the DDP/Shane fight was just a set up. Does this mean the WCW roster attacking Booker was also part of the plan? It is notable that Booker was not involved in any of the stuff at the end of the show, so maybe he was still salty, but turned heel anyway because...well, WCW is a heel group, and he's the WCW Champion, and even though he's been portrayed as a face while the rest of the group was heel, he has to be a heel, too. I guess.

Then RVD and Tommy Dreamer come out of the crowd, and most of the ECW guys on both rosters join together, adding ECW to the Invasion. In Atlanta, ECW was over more than WCW and the WWF. Then all that is ruined at the end of the show when it is revealed that Stephanie owns ECW, adding even more McMahon Family Drama to an angle that has been about the McMahons from day one. Now, Stephanie obviously didn't JUST buy ECW. She would have bought it went it went under, right around the same time that Shane bought WCW. But various ECW guys had been either doing the Invading, or been involved in matches and attacked by invaders. So, does that mean that ALL of it was a set up? Was Mike Awesome powerbombing Rhyno on a ladder a set up to fool the WWF and its fans? Was the NBT taking out the Dudleys all part of the plan? Or, did Shane and Stephanie come together one day shortly before this Raw and decide they should really stick it to Vince? Did this come about due to him trying to fuck Torrie for that entire episode of Raw?