WWF Monday Night Raw 6/25/01

Steve Austin retained his title at KOTR, but the WCW Champion Booker T made a shocking appearance in the match, attacking Austin. Edge became the King of the Ring. Undertaker and Sara beat the shit out of DDP. Kurt Angle nearly killed Shane McMahon. And now, the WWF returns home to Madison Square Garden.

Vince storms to the ring to start the show. Vince pontificates on what the T in Booker's name stands for, and how it's spelled. And he shits all over Booker. Perhaps it stands for Temporarily Employed, because Vince is going to put WCW out of business...again. No WCW stars are welcome in MSG. Clips of Vince Sr. being inducted into the MSG Hall of Fame are played. It was a package from 1996 or 1997, with the crowd popping for Andre, Freddie Blassie, and Gorilla Monsoon. 

Test vs Rhyno  WWF Hardcore Championship

Will Stacy's ass return to distract Rhyno? NYC is 100% behind Rhyno. It doesn't take long for things to head out into the crowd, and then backstage. Test finds two conveniently placed tables to put Rhyno on so he can drop an elbow from some weird scaffolding thing. And wouldn't you know it, neither table broke, because they just pushed them apart and smacked off the floor. Rhyno hits the gore. New champion! Wait, who's that? That's...MIKE AWESOME! He just Awesome Bombed Rhyno on a ladder on the concret! New champion! WCW has stolen the Hardcore Championship in Madison Square Garden! 

Jeff Hardy vs X-Factor WWF Light Heavyweight Championship

Fans are ALL OVER X-Pac. God damn. Go away heat my ass, they should have put the world title on X-Pac with that kind of heat. Jeff misses the swanton. X-Pac wins with a backslide with his feet on the ropes. New champion! 

TO THE BACK. Vince is beside himself. Austin and Debra show up. Where the hell have they been?!?! "HE RAPED ME, and he left with a WWF title!" Austin doesn't give a shit about Vince emotional sexual assault. Vince promises he really cares how Austin is doing. Then they have an awkward hug. 

GARDEN CLASSICS. Clips of Bruno's WWF Championship runs in MSG are shown.

TO THE BACK. Trish is on the phone when Big Show shows up to hit on her. He made a shirt that says Big Show with an arrow pointing down to his dick. GET IT?! He offers to take her on a European vacation. Elsewhere, Vince, Austin, and Debra share a veggie platter. Kurt Angle hobbles in. Vince is so proud of Kurt. Austin gets jealous and points out that 3 matches in a night is nothing like wrestling 2 guys at once.


GARDEN CLASSICS. This time, Superstar Billy Graham gets his moment in the sun.

Stevie Richards is in the ring shitting on NYC. This brings Tazz out.  

Tazz vs Steven Richards

Tazz wins in about 30 seconds.

TO THE BACK. Regal and Tajiri are bringing the KOTR trophy to the ring. Elsewhere, Austin is staring down Kurt for eating his veggies. Austin whispers to get rid of Kurt. Vince doesn't want to leave Kurt alone during the KOTR coronation. 

TO THE KING OF THE RING CORONATION. Regal presents Edge with the KOTR trophy. Christian takes over the promo, pointing out that Shane cost him his chance to face Edge in the finals. Anyway, he's proud of Edge. We are now in the Era of Awesomeness. Billy Gunn comes out. You see, Billy wanted to defend his crown last year, but was injured. Then he wasn't even entered into the tournament this year, and instead had to spend the night at WWF New York. Edge wants Billy to promise to shoot him in the head if in 2 years, Edge isn't in the KOTR and is eating a meatball sandwich at WWF New York. He will not "Billy Gunn" his title. Even Regal had to laugh. Edge will totally annihilate Billy Bitch Cakes tonight. Boy, if Edge doesn't utterly dominate Billy Gunn after this promo, he's going to look like garbage.

GARDEN CLASSICS. The Patterson/Slaughter boot camp match is showcased. 

Brothers of Destruction vs Dudley Boyz WWF Tag Team Championships

BOD dominate the entire match. Albert comes in to hit the Baldo Bomb on Kane while the ref was outside of the ring. D-Von pins Kane. Titles retained. Champs sure didn't come off looking good in this at all. Bubba got chokeslammed after the match. To recap, the champs were squashed, only won by outside interference, then were beaten up after the match and the whole thing ended with Taker's music playing. As Taker and Sara stood on the ramp, DDP attacked from behind with a chair. Sara puts her dukes up and starts throwing fists. DDP rips some of her hair out and runs away.

TO THE OFFICE. Regal tries to think of a way to punish Jericho. Tajiri volunteers for it. 

Matt Hardy vs Big Show WWF European Championship

Matt has the idea to work Big Show's arm. Trish was with Big Show and she kissed Matt. This pissed Lita off something fierce. Show pulls her into the ring. She kicks him in the dick. Matt is disqualified.

TO WWF NEW YORK. Somehow, Shane McMahon is able to be at WWF New York, getting promo time. Vince has GOT to start firing these people letting him do this shit. Shane talks about WCW needing television exposure, but Vince has been able to block WCW from airing anywhere. It's now time for WCW to invade the WWF...hasn't that been going on for weeks now? Shane brings out Booker T. He's calling Stone Cold out.

TO THE BACK. Austin was watching this. He does not deserve that. Vince suggests Austin go to WWF New York to kick Booker's ass. It's only a few blocks away. Austin wants Vince to go, but Vince convinces him to take Angle. 

TO THE APA. The mid carders are getting a pep talk from the APA about not taking any of WCW's shit. What's hilarious is the amount of dudes who came directly from WCW, including god damn Faarooq, former WCW Champion. And Meng, Dean Malenko, and Raven were all prominently shown. Elsewhere, Billy and Edge head to the ring.

GARDEN CLASSICS. Snuka's top of the cage dive is shown.

Edge vs Billy Gunn

Kind of hard to take Billy seriously here since not only did Edge ruthlessly shit all over him, but the crowd, announcers, and commissioner all agreed with him. Billy is a straight up joke, and Edge losing to him would make Edge look like a joke. In fact, even struggling with Billy now makes Edge look weak, which is why those type of burial promos are so stupid. I'm pretty sure a "HOGAN HOGAN" chant breaks out. This match is boring as shit. Boring chants actually start up. Off to a great reign as king, Edge. I think there must be a fan dressed as Hogan, as the crowd suddenly started booing, which I assume was when he got ejected or something. JR and Paul ignore the chants. Edge won with help from Christian. Against Billy Gunn. The guy Edge earlier in the show had pointed out was a giant fucking loser. 

TO THE BACK. Vince and Debra talk about what Austin and Angle are going to do to Booker. Austin calls Debra's phone. They're stuck in traffic. "I know Angle's a dork, okay?" 

GARDEN CLASSICS. Wrestlemania 1 is highlighted. Although, the main event wasn't mentioned at all. 

Tajiri vs Chris Jericho

KICK HIS DICK OFF. Jericho has a pre-match promo and gets booed for shitting on Austin. JR tells us that Benoit is expected to be out 3-6 months due to injuries sustained at KOTR. He was actually out for a full year, not returning to the ring until July of 2002. Tajiri doesn't kick Jericho enough for my liking, but the crowd seems to be into him more than Jericho. Jericho, like a prick, attacks Regal unprovoked. Regal then hits the ring to get his revenge. He holds Jericho in place for Tajiri, who spits the green mist, but Jericho moved. Regal writhing in pain distracts Tajiri, which allows Jericho to hit a bulldog and Lionsault for the win. 

TO THE BACK. Vince is on the phone with Austin again. He's going to go to the ring and give the signal on live TV. 

Vince comes back to the ring to give the signal to Austin and Kurt to attack Booker. However, they're just now getting out of the limo at WWF New York, so they probably didn't see the signal. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?! Security tells them Booker and Shane have already left. Shane, in fact, is at MSG! He's outsmarted Vince! Booker T attacks Vince from behind! SPINAROONI! The WWF roster hits the ring as Booker and Shane run off.

Big show. The Invasion took a giant step forward, with WCW invading WWF's home of MSG, stealing a title, and the WCW Champion beating up Vince in the center of the ring. After weeks of small attacks, WCW fires the big cannons and war has finally been declared. Thankfully, the Austin/Jericho/Benoit angle is done, and Jericho seems to be out of the title picture all together.