WWF Monday Night Raw 6/18/01

Finally closing in on KOTR. Will Austin find a way out of the triple threat? Will anyone from WCW make themselves known? 

Spike and Molly come out to start the show. Great. All I want is MORE promo time from Spike. Spike liked being in the ring with Steve Austin on Smackdown. He's calling Steve Austin OUT. Austin comes out and I hope he just murders Spike. "Well you ain't gettin' no title match, ya lil' bastard!" Lol. Molly slaps Austin after getting called a bimbo and slut again. Austin then offers his hand to Spike and gives Molly the stunner...to a huge ovation. Even though Austin is a piece of shit heel, and Molly is the sweet girl next door face. Wrestling fans, eh? 

DURING THE BREAK. Austin walked by the Dudleys, who did and said nothing. 

TO THE BACK. The trainer is checking on Molly. Bubba and D-Von barge in to give Spike his props for standing up to Austin...then point out that they've been in WWF much longer and have never received a world title shot. Which is actually not true, as Bubba had a title match against Kurt Angle just last December. Not even a year ago.

Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy King Of The Ring Quarter Finals

Is there any way the light heavyweight champion who is also primarily a tag team wrestler should have a chance against a former world champion, Olympic champion, and reigning KOTR? Kurt hits a giant belly to belly and follows it with a huge German suplex. Jeff has to use his speed advantage , but come on. He has no chance here. Kurt gets his feet on the ropes after getting hit with the swanton. Jeff goes up top again and is yanked off leg first and put into the ankle lock. Kurt advances.

TO THE BACK. Austin paces in the locker room. He needs a friend, a confidant. "Honey, I can help you." "Not now, Debra." Lol.

TO THE OFFICE. Regal tells Tajiri about his upcoming match with Rhyno. Austin comes in. Regal tells him Spike wanted a title shot tonight, but he suggested Austin/Dudleys vs Benoit/Jericho/Spike. Austin agrees, then asks for Tajiri to be his confidant.  

TO THE COLE. Cole talks with Tazz, who does another hard sell for Tough Enough. Hardcore Holly shows up to make fun of him for no longer being tough. A match is set up for tonight.

TO WWF NEW YORK. Kane plays the crane machine. He busts the case open and gives a kid a bunch of toys. 

Paul and JR talk about the stalker videos...then purposely play them for everyone to see. What the fuck? Taker should beat the fuck out of them. He probably would, if he was in the arena. 

Hardcore Holly vs Tazz

Another video plays during Holly's entrance. The stalker says he's in Tampa, but he was filming Taker and Sara yesterday. The stalker will reveal himself TONIGHT. IN THIS VERY RING. There are obviously two people recording this, since when you see the stalker's body come out in front of the camera, the camera itself was still wavering like it was a hand held. Tazz is still over, even though he's short, fat, annoying, and rarely even wrestles anymore. Tazzmission gets the win in a short match Holly dominated.

TO THE OFFICE. Austin is confiding in Tajiri about Linda McMahon ruining Steve's life. Tajiri is a very wise man and has lifted a heavy weight off of Steve's shoulders.

TO THE BACK. Edge and Christian argue. They're both psyched about maybe facing each other in the KOTR. Kurt Angle breaks up the argument since it is pointless anyway. Kurt is in the semis and is going to repeat.

Rhyno vs Tajiri King Of The Ring Quarter Finals

Paul should be hype as fuck for this. Once again, Tajiri gets over based on physical charisma and kicks. However, Regal gave him bad advice to go up top when he could have pinned Rhyno, and Tajiri was GORE GORE GORED out of mid air. Rhyno advances.

TO THE BACK. Regal reads Tajiri the riot act for losing. 

The Undertaker's music hits. Someone in a balaclava, sunglasses, and black duster rides out on a bike. Who is it? Who is the stalker? The mysterious man is in the ring. He has his fist up in the air. Black power. He pulls the mask off to reveal...DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE! DDP IS THE STALKER MY GOD! "Undertaker! Like the Diamond (Kanyon) Cutter, you never saw it comin." DDP explains he did this because to make the biggest impact, you find the biggest dog in the yard and make it personal. Really, this is Taker's fault for revealing to Steve Austin that if Austin messed with his family, he'd make him famous. "Duh, Taker, you idiot. Stone Cold Steve Austin's already famous." DDP calls Taker a liar. He's afraid of things. Things like DDP. Basically, DDP buries WCW as a whole, admitting that you ain't shit unless you made it to the top of the WWF. "Taker, I'm begging you, MAKE ME FAMOUS!" Poor ass DDP. Spent years in WCW, was a world champ during the hottest period, still thinks he hasn't made it because he hasn't been made famous by the WWF. DDP will be at the KOTR this Sunday.

Edge vs Saturn King Of The Ring Semifinals

How will Saturn get hit in the head this week. Luckily, the guy he's facing uses a DDT as a finisher. And for the whole match, Saturn is clear headed and in control. Then Edge wins with the DDT, and Saturn goes back to being so wacky.

TO THE BACK. Vince McMahon arrives in his Summer gear. He's greeted by the Brooklyn Brawler. Vince is in a bad mood after dealing with Linda's lawyers all day. He's looking for Austin. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!?!

Matt Hardy vs Albert WWF European Championship

How does Albert get a title shot after losing an IC title match just a few days ago? Lilian is awful tonight. She's fucked up almost every entrance tonight. Albert gets disqualified for choking Matt for too long. Lita gave him a low blow, then Matt hit him with the twist of fate. X-Pac and Justin Credible (in overalls and jorts, respectively) come out to hit Matt with a double superkick. #fuckthebucks. Jeff runs out to save his brother. Lita also tries to help, but Jeff ends up getting double superkicked as well. It makes a lot of sense, since the Young Bucks are to X-Factor as X-Factor was to the nWo.

TO THE BACK. Vince finds Austin. "That hug you gave me..." "It felt good, didn't it?" "No, it didn't. I mean, it kind of did, and it kind of didn't." "What's wrong with a good old fashioned hug?" Vince isn't happy about Austin taking title matches without even talking about him. "Tajiri was right. He had a hell of an idea!" Austin gives Vince an ultimatum: Pick Linda or Steve. 

DURING THE BREAK. Vince left in his limo. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!?! 

TO THE BACK. Spike thanks Benoit/Jericho for saving Molly. It had nothing to do with Spike or Molly. They don't give a shit about Spike, this shit ain't about him...JK. They were just playing. Elsewhere, Edge and Rhyno talk about the KOTR. Christian shows up, upset that they started without him and pissed he's had Kane and Big Show to advance. Rhyno gets all pissy and wonders why any of them are even bothering since Kurt is going to win anyway.

Christian vs Big Show King Of The Ring Semifinals

Kurt Angle is out to do commentary, as he'll be facing the winner of this match. Show dominates Christian. Then he gets annoyed with Kurt and shoves him. This makes Kurt distract the ref so EC cna hit the conchairto. Christain advances. 

Spike Dudley/Chris Jericho/Chris Benoit vs Steve Austin/Dudley Boyz

I'm already sick of everyone in this match besides Austin and Benoit. The momentum of the Austin vs Benoit/Jericho angle has completely come to a halt. Seems like an afterthought at this point, as Austin is more focused on Spike than them. Bubba slaps the FUCK out of Spike. Good. Fuck Spike. Austin ends up throwing him through a table, and D-Von gets sent through one by Jericho. Austin is disqualified for shoving Earl Hebner, and the show ends with Jericho/Benoit putting Austin in the Crippler Walls Of Jericho.

DDP as the stalker is....something. So far in the feud, WCW is the face side, yet Shane clearly helped DDP get stalker videos of Taker's wife on TV every week. Shane proved he had an in with the production team, which was helping him put up WCW logos and music for run ins. So, it is really difficult to get me to believe he didn't have a hand in this whole thing, which seems awfully terrible and suspect for the face invader to do. Then the biggest star WCW has who ended WCW as a main event face is a creepy stalker heel who says he never really made it since he didn't get popular in the WWF, and is begging the top dog to make him famous. What a way to tank the entire angle in one segment.