WWF Monday Night Raw 7/2/01

WCW invaded MSG TWICE in one week. Linda McMahon announced the first ever WWF vs WCW PPV. And tonight, for the first time ever, there will be a WCW match on Raw. And to start the show , the video package uses Rey Mysterio's WCW music. Odd choice.

Vince McMahon starts the show, as usual. He hypes up Invasion by getting local heel heat and shitting on Booker T. Kurt Angle comes out to show footage of Booker attacking Austin multiple times. This, of course brings Austin out. Angle fucking with Austin every week while playing the aloof goof is really quite wonderful. It's easy to just see it on the surface level, but Angle is clearly playing mind games with Austin every week. They get into an argument over if Angle is a hero or a jackass. Then they start hugging Vince. Lol. Shane comes out and basically calls them queers. He goes on to suggest the first ever inaugural brawl at Invasion, then announces Booker T vs Buff Bagwell for the WCW Championship tonight on Raw. Oh, and Linda will be watching with her lawyers and will be very unhappy if Steve Austin were to get involved in WCW's match.


TO THE BACK. The APA discuss who let Shane and Booker in last week, deciding there must be a mole.

The Undertaker Albert WWF Intercontinental Championship

You would think Taker would stop bringing Sara to ringside with him. It's worse when she's around than when he's got her hidden somewhere. Why not keep her surrounded by security or something? Albert didn't want X-Factor around so he could make his name off of Taker on his own. As Taker is about to win, DDP runs in and hits Taker with a chair. Kanyon Cutter. BANG! DDP and Sara squared off until Kane showed up behind DDP. Sara then booted DDP in the balls. Why is Linda okay with WCW interfering in WWF matches, but not the other way around? Seems suspect. WHOSE SIDE IS SHE ON?


TO THE BACK. Torrie meets Fink.

Crash Holly vs Molly Holly

Crash and Jackie seem to have made up after SD. I'm going to assume she's going to turn on him. Oh hey, that's exactly what happened. Molly wins with the Molly-Go-Round, and again looks like she broke her leg on it. Jackie beat Crash up again.


TO THE BACK. Vince is trying to get Austin and Angle to get along. Torrie comes in and wants to finish the conversation about her contract. Vince leaves with her, which makes Angle and Austin argue about who made him leave. Angle says it was Debra's fault. "...you gotta point." Elsewhere, Edge is still kind of weirded out about Christian's obsession with the KOTR trophy. 

TO THE OFFICE. Regal wants to make sure Tajiri is prepared for the worm doing the dance. The Dudleys walk in on him. They're mad that they have to face Jericho tonight. Regal wants them to hurt Jericho. Tajiri then tries the dance. 


TO THE BACK. The APA question Hardcore Holly about being the stooge. Elsewhere, Vince and Torrie talk business in the showers. Before Vince is about to get it in, Austin cockblocks him. 

Scotty 2 Hotty vs Tajiri

Tajiri (and ECW) is super over. Lol at Scotty throwing those soft ass superkicks when Tajiri is murdering with all of his kicks. YES. Tajiri mists during the worm! 


TO THE BACK. Vince and Torri are in a mop closet now. "It's not a mop closet at all. It's Shangri-La." Kurt cockblocks him. Elsewhere, Booker T meets with Test, with the discussion being about Test possibly joining WCW one day.

Dudley Boys vs Chris Jericho

I'm sure you can figure out how this match goes. Jericho has the match won when Bubba pulled Earl out of the ring. Before they could put Jericho through a table, Spike made a save. Jericho then pinned D-Von to beat the tag team champions by himself.

TO THE BACK. Now Vince and Torrie are in a bathroom. Saturn was taking a shit. 

LAST THURSDAY. Chris Benoit got his neck surgery.

Christian vs X-Pac WWF Light Heavyweight Championship

Christian is looking to win a singles title so he can be as successful as Edge. Edge is KOTR and all, but it doesn't seem to have mattered much for his career. He's really just been a Mcguffin, there to set off Christian's character development and being the reason Austin/Vince started hanging out with Angle. But he himself has had no development and has been feuding with Billy Gunn. Justin Credible got in the ring, Edge followed and hit him with the belt. X-Pac then got the belt and hit Christian while the ref was distracted. Title retained.

TO THE BACK. Referee Jack Doan snitches on Test for talking to Booker. 

TO WWF NEW YORK. Tazz is sitting there with a ton of food, being pissy about being emasculated by Austin on SD.

Rhyno vs Test

The winner of this match will face Mike Awesome for the hardcore title...sometime. Why wasn't anyone pissed at Rhyno for letting WCW take a WWF title in the first place? The Mid Card Militia come out to watch this match. After Rhyno wins with the gore, they give Test a beat down. 


Matt Hardy/Lita vs Big Show/Trish Stratus

BROTHER BIG SHOW, I knew you'd come. Weird amount of man vs woman matches lately. Two on this show alone. Lita hits Trish with a hilariously bad twist of faith before winning with the moonsault. Big Show screams at Trish after the match, who was saved by the eleigble bachelor Jeff Hardy.


TO THE BACK. Vince and Torrie's saga is still continuing. Come on. This shit should have been wrapped up at least 3 segments ago. Elsewhere, Shane offers good luck to Buff. Elsewhere elsewhere, the MCM celebrate killing the mole. Sgt. Slaughter shows up to inform them that Test couldn't be the mole, because he and Test were together talking about Sarge vs Patterson in 1981 when Booker and Shane got away.

Buff Bagwell vs Booker T WCW Championship

Paul and JR leave, replaced by Arn Anderson and Scott Hudson. Stacy Keibler is the special ring announcer. Official Nick Patrick will be seeing over the match. Regal comes out to escort Shane out of the building. Even the logo has changed. It's all quite strange. This is Buff's one and only televised WWE match. We can get into that on Smackdown. The lighting has also changed, giving a purple/blue tint to the crowd. Buff starts out hot and clearly working heel. The crowd turns on this minutes in. Not only are there BORING chants, but also THIS MATCH SUCKS chants. It's not that bad. Both guys have only had one match in 4 months (the night before at a house show), and it is a bit slower than the WWF matches. Certainly not worthy of the scorn it is getting. It's just an average match. It was only like...5 minutes long, if that. Kurt and Austin run out to attack Booker. Buff joins in like an idiot, not realizing he's beating up the flagship of his company when they're going to be facing the WWF at a PPV in 3 weeks.


TO THE LAUNDRY ROOM. Vince and Torrie continue to find a place to bone down, this time in the laundry room. Torrie strips him and has him close his eyes. When he turns around, Linda is giving him the wife stare.


TO THE BACK. Elsewhere, Austin/Angle/Buff are still beating Booker. Buff got too excited, so they beat his ass, too.   


I'm starting to think this angle was tanked on purpose. WCW continues to look like utter shit, with their first match on Raw ending in 5 minutes by DQ and loud chants of THIS MATCH SUCKS. Then, the WCW Champion is beaten all the way to the back and thrown out the door like trash, which is what happened to the WCW Tag Team Champions on SD. DDP got kicked in the balls and looks totally ineffective. Buff Bagwell randomly decides to beat on Booker T, even though he's part of WCW and should be pissed that Austin/Angle just cost him the title. 

On the flip side, you have most of the show being about Vince trying to get Torrie to suck his dick, with Austin and Angle being jealous of her getting Vince's attention, which was all a SWERVE in the end to get him (literally) caught with his pants down in front of Linda so she can punish him and presumably get more WCW stuff on WWF TV by threatening to take more in the divorce. You also have the WWF guys beating up one of their own and celebrating like assholes under the most tenuous of suspicions. Obviously it would make the most sense that the mole is in production, as Shane had been seen multiple times celebrating with production people in the weeks prior when WCW music/logos would get played. And the best part of the MCM is that it is full of people who never even wrestle on Raw/SD. The rest of the roster that actually wrestles on those show seem to not even notice the Invasion is happening.