WWF Monday Night Raw 1/31/94

The Royal Rumble controversy will be addressed tonight! Also, IRS is doing commentary and is already sweating. Seriously. He's sweating doing COMMENTARY.

Vince McMahon eye roll.gif

Marty Jannetty vs Johnny Polo

123 Kid is out on crutches, having apparently broken his leg. In fact, he was supposed to be in this match, but the injury kept him out of the Rumble and out of this match. Let's not forget the last time these two had a match, despite Raven needing to cheat to win, he dominated the match even though he's a manager and had never been a wrestler on WWF television up to that point. This match is a mess, lots of botches and awkward spots. Marty won with the rocker dropper in a match that went on way too fucking long because Raven is a MANAGER. Marty is doing 13 minute matches of getting dominated by a manager. After the match, Kid accused IRS of having Razor's gold chain in his briefcase, so IRS punched him. Marty attacked Irwin, and Kid was able to hop away with the briefcase during the scuffle. When IRS figures it out after the break, he heads to the back only to walk into Marty and Razor, who has his gold back. 

Johnny Polo throat slash.gif
Johnny Polo Marty Jannetty lol.gif
Johnny Polo dances.gif
IRS punches 123 Kid.gif

TO THE PRESIDENT. Jack Tunney made an announcement from his office. Both Lex Luger and Bret Hart get their title shot at Wrestlemania. A coin toss will determine who will face Yokozuna. If Lex wins the toss, he will face Yoko and Bret will face Owen Hart, with Bret then facing the winner of Lex/Yoko. If Bret wins the coin toss, he'll face Yoko, Luger will wrestle Crush, and Lex will face the winner of Yoko/Bret.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Migeul Rosado

A very thorough squash from Bam Bam BAGELOW. 

Bam Bam Bigelow slams Miguel Rosada.gif

TO THE COIN TOSS. President Jack Tunney makes a rare in ring appearance, along with a host of 70s WWWF stars. Lex and Bret are brought out. Lex won! He'll be facing Yokozuna for the title, an opportunity he thought he'd never have again after Summerslam 1993. Because of the coin toss, Bret will have to face his brother, which he isn't particularly happy about, but the conflict had to come to a head sometime, and he hopes to face Lex later in the night at WM.

Bret Hart is disappointed.gif

Kwang vs Rich Meyers

Put a Puerto Rican in bootleg Great Muta gear and say he's form the Orient, brehs. Owen called in, he's pretty excited about getting his match with Bret. Kwang won with a superkick.

Kwang kick combo.gif

Corey Student vs Earthquake

A quick tremor for Quake. 

Kid claps.gif
Earthquake falling lariat to Corey Student.gif

TO THE BACK. Razor and Marty shit on IRS. 

Sparky Plugg will make his in ring debut next week!