WWF Monday Night Raw 2/7/94

Oh no, Bastion Booger is doing announcing with Vince. he makes a fart joke in his first 5 seconds.

Vince McMahon is disgusted.gif

Smoking Gunns vs Barry Horowitz/Reno Riggins

A quick and easy win for the Gunns.

Bart Gunn suplex to Reno Riggins.gif
Smoking Gunns combo to Reno Riggins.gif

TO ALL AMERICAN. Vince demanded Owen's rational for turning on his brother. It's because it FELT GOOD TO DO! A whole lifetime of frustration off his chest in one kick. "I should have kicked you again, but I had composure." Bret would respond, implying that he'll never be able to forgive the WWF for putting the match together, and likely not Owen and even himself for getting into this situation. 

Owen Hart vs John Paul

The Rocket vs The Pope! Before the match, Owen offers his glasses to a young child, only to RIP THEM IN HALF. What a JERK. He quickly wins with the sharpshooter.

Owen Hart rips glasses.gif

TO THE CEMETARY. Paul Bearer promises his Undertaker will rise again.

IRS vs Marty Jannetty

IRS is sweating so much Vince has to acknowledge it on commentary. Marty taking the Marty Bump off the ring post at a rec center. Shades of his future. The Quebecers came out and attacked Marty during the break. Then Johnny Polo came out with a pool cue. So Razor came out as well. Then the Mounties returned. Lmao, Raven interfered and cost Marty the match...but didn't use the pool stick at all. The heck? Quebecers attacked Razor, and a brawl broke out. Mountie ends up getting hit with the Razor's Edge. What a weirdly over booked match.

IRS shoves Marty Jannetty bump into post.gif
Johnny Polo trips Marty Jannetty.gif

Thurman Plugg vs Duane Gill

The debut of Sparky Plugg! Against Gillberg. Booger is dying on commentary, choking on hot dogs. "I think we're going to see our first fatality on Monday Night Raw, because I'm not going to do mouth to mouth!" Mind you, you can see Vince and Booger on camera not even speaking. Holly won with a top rope knee drop.

Bob Holly powerslam to Duane Gill.gif

Crush vs Dave Thornberg

Crush won with a leg drop in a match where Vince made fun of FOX for offering Diane Sawyer $10M, as well as hyping up an interview with Randy Savage about drugs.

Crush leg drop to Dave Thornberg.gif

TO THE BACK. The Mounties and Johnny scream about a CONSPIRACY within the WWF to get the titles off of them. In 2 weeks, they'll defend their titles against Razor and Marty. Also on that show will be Bret Hart against one of the Heavenly Bodies. I should point out that I'm pretty sure the Quebecers promo was literally a reused promo from a show a few weeks/months prior, with Johnny in a different outfit and Quebecers looking like they just had a match.

The show ends with Booger eating dog treats, and the Bushwhackers/MOM/Doink and Dink barking. Because the dog show is on next week, you see.