WWF Monday Night War 1/24/94

The Royal Rumble came last night, and ended in controversy: Bret Hart and Lex Luger fell to the floor at the same time and were declared CO-WINNERS for the first time in Rumble history. Also, JR is making his Raw debut alongside Vince.

Lex Luger vs Austin Steele

Austin Steel is a Buddy Landel knock off, himself a knock off of Ric Flair, who of course was a rip off of Buddy Rogers. Lex easily beats this multi leveled bootleg with the superplex. 

Lex Luger smiles.gif
Lex Luger Bullet Club  gun.gif

Jeff Jarrett vs Jobber Patterson

Idk I didn't catch his name and don't care to look it up. Double J won with...the O'Connor Roll. OUTTA NOWHERE. 

Jeff Jarrett singshot suplex to Jobber.gif

Men On A Mission vs Headshrinkers

This match sucked, btw. I know it's a big shocker, because MOM are known as great workers and all. Maybe it was an off night. Fatu pinned Mo with a FOUR count, because Mable missed his cue to break up the pin and Fonzie had to keep counting even though he clearly already counted to 3.

Mable suplex to Fatu.gif
Mo lariat to Fatu.gif

Adam Bomb vs Tommy Angel

A quick Atom Smasher for Adam the basher. Or something stupid like that.

TO THE TRACK. Sparky Plugg is coming soon to the WWF!

Doink vs Joey Stallings

Weird, I thought Matt Bourne was out as Doink by 1994, but he sure is built like him and wrestled just liked him. Research says his last appearence was 12/30/93, but I suppose this could have been a taped show from late December.

Doink suplex Joey Stallings.gif

Shawn Michaels vs Tyron Knox


HBK quickly won with the piledriver.

Diesel stares.gif
HBK piledriver to Tyron Knox.gif