WWF Monday Night Raw 1/17/94

Maybe the weirdest co-host yet for Vince: CRUSH.

Owen Hart vs Terry Austin

Bret and Owen, finally back on the same page. Stan Lane calls in to give updates on Kid/Marty vs Quebecers as it is happening in MSG. Owen won with the sharpshooter with I think no offense at all from Austin. Vince then spoke to the Harts about who  they want to win the tag titles match. Owen doesn't want to speak ill of Kid and Marty, but he was looking forward to facing the Quebecers for the titles. Bret makes it clear he'd never cheer for the Quebecers under any circumstances, which seems to rub Owen the wrong way. 

Owen Hart monkey flip to Terry Austin.gif
Bret Hart rubs nose.gif
Owen Hart is frustrated.gif


Lmao, what the heck is George doing here? Imagine being a jobber for a decade. What a life. His years of jobbing has taught him a few things, though, as he got quite a bit of offense on Tatanka. Enough to arguably control most of the match. In the end he still lost to a top rope tomahawk chop.

George South sticks out tongue.gif

ALUNDRA BLAYZE MUSIC VIDEO, which ends with her walking on the beach in a bikini.

TO THE MCMAHON. Vince speaks with Fuji and Yoko. How many times will he say CASKET? Not only does he say it a lot, but Paul Bearer brings the CASKET out, as Vince taunts Yoko and Fuji like an asshole. Obviously, Taker pops out of the casket and gives Yoko quite a fright.  

Undertaker pops out of Casket to scare Yokozuna.gif

Diesel vs Jobber

Poor jobber got murdered.

Diesel irish whips jobber.gif
Diesel gutwrench powerbomb to jobber.gif

Randy Savage vs IRS

Maybe this should have been the anniversary main event. Or anything other than Bam Bam vs Booger. On the other hand, IRS dominating Randy Savage isn't something most people would want to see I'd have to imagine. Seriously, a 3 break match with IRS dominating Macho the whole match. The heck? I'd go to WCW, too, bruddah. And then, right as he was getting some offense and was about to hit the elbow, Crush pushed him off the ropes. So this 3 segment long match of IRS dominating didn't even get a good finish. Oh hell yeah, the Raw before the Rumble sees the show end with the dressing room emptying and a big brawl breaking out in the ring! WE'RE OUTTA TIME!   

IRS thumbs up.gif
Bret Hart enters ring.gif