WWF Monday Night Raw 7/19/93

TO LAST THURSDAY. Lex Luger announced his Call To Action campaign, which will see him ride his bus around the nation to campaign for a title shot against Yokozuna at Summerslam. 

Shawn Michaels vs Marty Jannetty WWF Intercontinental Championship

The Rockers...EXPLODE! AGAIN! 9 weeks ago, Marty defeated HBK for the title (with a bit of help from Mr. Perfect). HBK would quickly regain the title, but Marty is looking to upset his former partner again. "Cool dude in a loose mood, no doubt." You'd think Macho said that, right? It was Vince. I don't even know who he was talking about. Diesel? Shawn starts early trying to end the match as quickly as possible. Also, holy shit at how pudgy Shawn is getting. Marty seems to have his number, and it's frustrating HBK. Marty won with a DDT, but HBK got his foot on the ropes. Diesel showed Earl the replay, so the match continued after the break. This actually gets two breaks. Marty takes a crazy bump over the top rope. Diesel puts him back in the ring, but otherwise doesn't get involved. HBK makes the pin. Title retained. He would have won by count out even if Diesel hadn't put Marty back in the ring.

TO THE MCMAHON. Vince speaks with Money Inc. I swear they cut the same fucking promo they cut a few shows ago. This time, Razor Ramon comes out. This is Razor's face turn: Turning down maid work for Ted DiBiase.

Men On A Mission vs ???

I feel like this match certainly peaked with the shot of VLAD THE SUPERFAN dancing to the rippity raps. I didn't get the names of the jobbers, nor do I care to look them up. MOM quickly won.

TO THE SUMMERSLAM REPORT. Mean Gene got caught awkwardly dancing. Lol white people, ya know? 

TO THE LEX EXPRESS. Lex met with the people, kissed the babies, flexed on his bus.

TO THE BACK. Tiny  Tim performs Tip Toe Through the Tulips. By himself. In the back. 

Bastion Booger vs Scott Depres

Fuck. Fuck everything. How did this fat fuck ever get booked anywhere? 

TO THE KING'S COURT. King introduces his guest: Tiny Tim. Whose fucking idea was this? There seems to be no point to this other than King to viciously make fun of Tim, who doesn't seem in on any of this. Then Tim calls King the Dairy Queen. Lol. King destroys the ukulele. Tim sure has some...unique acting choices.  Why the fuck would anyone give a shit about King being mean to TINY TIM, a jokey one hit wonder from 25 years prior? 

Tiny Tim cries.gif

123 Kid vs Chris Duffy

Money Inc. come out on one side of the ring. Razor is out on the other. Ted has a match coming up with the Kid. After Kid wins, he, wisely, leaves through the crowd. 

Next week has Bret Hart vs Bam Bam in a KOTR rematch!