WWF Monday Night Raw 8/2/93

Raw leaves the Manhattan Center again to run a...rec center. Times were tough in 1993. 

TO THE BACK. Randy Savage is jacked up and pumped up to the max.

Steiner Brothers vs Barry Horowitz/Duane Gill

I'll let you imagine how this went. 

WHO IS LEX LUGER? A 5 part sit down interview with Lex Luger. This time featuring on academics. His father was a student of the arts and made sure that Lex had to get straight As in order to play any sports. From there, he'd use sports as his way to communicate with people, and being a shy kid, people thought he was an asshole, and it's still something he has to fight as an adult.

Adam Bomb vs Tony Roy

Another short squash. Show is off to a great start.

Doink vs Randy Savage

Macho went from headlining 2 WMs to wrestling a clown in a rec center. Macho gets pissed when Doink bites him and goes to the floor to get a chair. Doink was just baiting him in to losing his temper. Not sure you really need to bait Macho for that. Doink dominates this match. For real. Dominating Randy Savage. Macho heads under the ring and a MACHO MIDGET pops out the other side. Doink thinks it is hilarious. Doink chases the Macho Midget around the ring until Randy cuts him off. Macho wins with a small package while Doink was distracted by a midget. An interesting note is that the man playing the Macho Midget would be playing Dink not too long from this.

TO THE SUMMERSLAM REPORT. Mr. Perfect vs HBK has been added to the card. 

Ted DiBiase calls in to rant about 123 Kid and Razor Ramon. Vince shows footage of Kid vs Ted from Wrestling Challenge this past weekend. Razor distracted Ted and the Kid rolled him up. 

Bobby Heenan freaks out because JIM CORNETTE is in the ring. He leaves the table to share a hug and introduce Jimmy to the crowd. Brain puts him over as the greatest manager in wrestling history. This is just a big plug for SMW and the Heavenly Bodies. Jim is drenched with sweat. He's calling out the Steiners.

Mr. Perfect vs Barry Hardy

Cornette has joined the announce team tonight. Perfect actually takes a bump for his jobber. Also ripped his singlet apart.

Dog shit show. Next week will have the Yoko/Lex contract signing, Tatanka vs Mr. Hughes, and the debut of the Heavenly Bodies.