WWF Monday Night Raw 7/26/93

TO THE BACK. Doink calls out Randy Savage for interfering in his match a few weeks back.  

Stu and Helen Hart are in the building tonight. 

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Bret Hart

KOTR rematch. It's been quite a while since Bret has been on Raw, so this is a nice treat. Bam Bam starts off fast and hard. Bret has an uncharacteristic botch early in the match trying to slide under Bam Bam. Bret does some interesting things, including a top rope Thesz press which appears to blow his knee out. From there, Bam Bam dominates and looks like an absolute monster. As Bret was about to lock the sharpshooter on, Jerry Lawler went to the balcony to fuck with Stu and Helen. Stu and Helen really do sound like confused old people who shouldn't be put in such a situation. Bret initially tries to go after King, but Bam Bam brought him back into the ring and the match continued for another like 5 minutes. But Bret did eventually head up to the balcony to chase King off and was. Bam Bam and Bret had GREAT chemistry. It's really kind of shocking this and the KOTR match were the only televised matches they ever had.

TO THE SUMMERSLAM REPORT. Lex vs Yoko has been signed, but Lex must wear a pad over his surgically enhanced arm. 

Mr. Hughes vs Ross Greenberg

Hughes gets another wreath delivery. I feel like Taker should focus on his upcoming match with Giant Gonzalez instead of fucking iwth Mr. Hughes. Very quick win with the side walk slam from Mr. Hughes.

TO THE RCA PARTY. A party for the Wrestlemania: The Album wrap party. It's available in stores tomorrow!

Smoking Gunns vs Duane Gill/Glenn Ruth

Gillberg! Thrasher! Mr. Ass! 5 and 1/2 years later, 3 of the 4 involved would be in the Royal Rumble match. Vince would also be in it that year. And win it. Smoking Gunns aren't good. At all. Amazing that not only did Billy spend the next decade plus in the company, but would then get back into the company a decade after THAT, get a title run and a WM match 20 years after this, and then get a gig in New Japan in 2017 for some reason. Why do the Gunns have at least 3 different finishers? 


EARLIER TODAY. Vince had a casual conversation with Lex Luger before the show started. Lex is ecstatic that he has his shot at Yoko. The people have spoken. Vince is in his 1970s Vince mode, and it's really weird seeing how laid back and chill he is in comparison to his extremely over the top announcing on the same show. The Lex Express isn't ending any time soon. Weirdly, Vince has a slip and says you can see more footage of the campaign stops this weekend on the WWF Network. He obviously meant to say USA Network, but perhaps he already had plans for WWE Network 20 years earlier. 

Doink vs Phil Apollo

Doink throws a lot of suplexes. After winning, he calls out Macho. Weirdly, Linda McMahon is sitting right behind Vince and Macho. I think Stephanie might be with her as well. Doink challenges Macho face to face to a match. Two more Doinks appear in the ring and crowd. Macho agrees to the match, and Macho is going to bring a LITTLE surprise of his own next week.

Bret and Bam Bam had great chemistry, so you can't go wrong by having them take up 20 minutes of the show. Doink vs Macho Man is an intriguing match up.