WWF Monday Night Raw 11/8/93

Raw opens with Bobby Heenan wearing a parachute into the ring for the Bowe/Hollyfield fight. SWERVE! The fight already happened and Brain's friend was arrested. Call into the hotline to vote for who Pierre will face next week! 

Ludvig Borga vs Scott Steiner

Borga attacks as Scott was taking his letterman's jacket off. Maybe Scott is too old to be wearing that to begin with. A match centered around Borga punching Scott in the ribs. Not like it matters, because as we all know, Scott ain't normal. Of course, the Quebecers and Rick come out to ringside. This goes on FOREVER. Neither guy was accustomed to long singles matches, so of course put them in a 15 minute match. Borga pulls Rick into the ring, who immediately hits a back drop driver. a brawl breaks out and the match is thrown out.

TO THE GRAND OLE OPRY. Fuck Jeff Jarrett. Fuck the Grand Ole Opry. Fuck everything about this.

Men on a Mission vs ???

TO THE SURVIVOR SERIES REPORT. This includes a promo from Bret Hart, and a recap of Doink fucking with the Headshrinkers on Superstars. Just in: Rock N' Roll Express vs Heavenly Bodies for the SMW Tag Team Championships! 

A PSA about drunk driving from The Undertaker. 

Rick Martel vs John Paul

John Paul gets a decent showing here, being in better shape than most jobbers on Raw. The Quebec crab still easily ends the match.

Crush vs Dan Dubeil

Vince has to physically restrain Macho from going after Crush, so Randy throws him. It might be Vince's first on screen bump. Macho jumps Crush and beats on him, having to be pulled off by a whole host of officials. Weirdly, Vince didn't even seem upset. 

Bob Backlund vs Barry Horowitz

OHHHOWWWOOHHHWWWOOOOHHWWHHOOOOOAAAHH. Macho comes back out during this, ready to beat Brain's ass, too. He doesn't even apologize to Vince. Since cameras show Crush's locker room, Macho runs...

TO THE BACK. The brawl continues! I guess the match was thrown out. The show ends with Crush and Savage brawling OUTSIDE.

It's a shame Crush is so terrible, because this feud with Macho is actually pretty good. Very heated, both guys have logical reasons to be pissed, and you have Vince himself taking bumps to put it over.