WWF Monday Night Raw 11/1/93

TO THE BACK. Bastion Booger is being a disgusting slob eating raw food. Get it? IT'S RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW! 

Razor Ramon vs Bastion Booger WWF Intercontinental Championship


TO THE SURVIVOR SERIES REPORT. The Todd is filling in for Joe. And for some reason, he's promoting Bowe vs Holyfield 2. The All Americans team is now missing a member, as Tatanka was put out of action by Ludvig Borga and Yokozuna on Superstars. 

TO THE MCMAHON. Vince speaks with the Foreign Fanatics. Jesus, can you imagine being in a room with Raven and Jim Cornette? Borga will face Scott Steiner next week. 

Mr. Perfect vs The Executioner

Just put the Diesel/Perfect match on TV. Christ. What's the point of all this shit with Perfect beating jobbers for months at a time with no angle? And this has Perfect doing a an actual match with limb work and submissions instead of the typical squash.

TO TOOTSIES. Fucking Jeff Jarrett. This is the worst fucking gimmick. Lmao, another pre-tape with trucks and buses killing the audio, and Jeff flubbing lines. 

Smoking Gunns vs Well Dunn

The Gunns totally encourage a fag chant towards Well Dunn for daring to hug each other. Billy looks extra scumbaggy tonight. Well Dunn gets disqualified for Harvey Wippleman getting caught tripping. Certainly not a feud I want to see continue.

Randy Savage calls in, muffled voice due to his tongue injury. He'll be back next week, and he's got something planned for Brain.

Adam Bomb vs Virgil

VIRGIL. Fuck. This is horrible. Adam Bomb wins with a powerbomb.

What a horrendous show from start to finish. Absolutely horrible.