WWF Monday Night Raw 10/25/93

Crush vs Phil Apollo

Crush now is wearing black, silver, and purple with face paint, and is managed officially by Mr. Fuji. Crush is SO BAD, lmao. I'm not sure I've seen a guy around as long as he was and as big as he was who had strikes as terrible as he did. Phil got his got dang head crushed.

TO THE BACK. Johnny Polo claims he could beat Marty Jannetty and the 123 Kid with his hands tied behind his back.

123 Kid vs Marty Jannetty

Now, these two will be teammates at Survivor Series, but WORKRATE, brehs. And of course, workrate means mirror spots and stand offs. Everyone knows that. Kid is the first to gain an advantage with a huge spin kick, only for Marty to come back with a powerbomb. Johnny Polo strolls out I assume to call both little pussies. He interferes on behalf of both men, which neither are happy with but both capitalize on it. After a ref bump, because this match needed more fuckery, Raven pushes Marty out of the way of a dive, meaning Kid splattered on the floor. Marty does the Marty bump into the post at the same time. WORKRATE! Both are counted out. Raven got a beat down for his actions.

TO THE BUDDY LEE ATTRACTIONS. Double J is complaining about Buddy Lee not letting signing him, then shits on Willie Nelson for a while. Man, this gimmick is the fucking worst. At least he didn't flub his lines in a pre-tape this time, though. But there still were buses driving by making a lot of noise. 

Ludvig Borga vs Mike Bucci

Absolutely terrible squash, from both men. Brain got some words with Ludvig after the match. Next week, Borga vs Tatanka: Streak vs Streak!

Men on a Mission vs ???

Hard pass.

TO THE SURVIVOR SERIES REPORT. New matches. FOUR DOINKS vs Bam Bam/Booger/Headshrinkers. Fuck everything. 123 Kid/Mr. Perfect/Razor Ramon/Marty Jannetty vs IRS/Diesel/Adam Bomb/Rick Martel.

Diesel vs Dan Dubiel

Shout out to misspelling Diesel on the entrance plate. Not Diesel's finest squash.