WWF Monday Night Raw 9/20/93

The show starts with a recap of Steiners/Quebecers, which leads to Scott vs Pierre tonight for the Steiners to get a rematch.

Scott Steiner vs Pierre 

It's very, very obvious that this was taped immediately after last week's Raw. A young Francine is in the front row. Brain is now on death's door from that bucket of water. There are no Quebec Province rules here, and Scott makes that clear by coming off the top rope and throwing Pierre over the top rope almost immediately. Then he hits a piledriver to make his point even more clear. Scott just destroys Pierre until Pierre runs to the back. He's gone for the entire break apparently, but he wasn't counted out. When we come back, Mountie and Rick have come out. Some distractions and a gnarly DDT put Pierre in control for a while. Pierre had ZERO fear of bumps. A missed Vader Bomb switched the momentum, leading to a frankensteiner for the win. The Steiners will get their rematch!

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Lavern McGill

Bam Bam starts the match with a dropkick. Also, Lavern McGill is a large black man, not the pasty small white guy you'd imagine. And he gets a a number of hope spots, mostly centered around dropkicks. Crush called in once again, repeating that he's in the best shape of his life. Last week, Macho tried to talk to Crush, but technical issues seemed to cut the conversation short. The same thing happened this week. Crush doesn't answer Macho Man. He's never going to speak to Randy ever again as long as they live. YOU GOT THAT, BRUDDAH? This match had to go much longer than the normal Raw squash match to get that phone call in for the Macho/Crush angle. Bam Bam won with a senton. 

TO THE MCMAHON. Bret Hart is in the building for a special interview. Let's talk about Jerry Lawler. The lead up, the match, and the aftermath. Due to Bret's temper getting the best of him, Jerry Lawler was declared the UNDISPUTED king of the WWF. Bret says King has never beat anyone. I'm sure he meant in the WWF. "What now, Bret Hart? What now?" Family honor is more important to Bret than crowns or belts. He doesn't regret letting go of the sharpshooter at Summerslam. He regrets not holding on to it longer.

A weird ad with a scrawny dude with a pot belly hitting on a woman on a bench while dressed like various wrestlers. The real Macho Man shows up and she leaves with him. "Don't fall for cheap imitations." 

Mr. Perfect vs Mike Bell

It's weird. These Perfect squashes are leading to absolutely nothing. He has no angle after losing to HBK at Summerslam, and he's going to be out of action for years in about a month. They were running Perfect/Diesel on house shows, but it never made it to TV. It's also weird that every week, these jobbers get slightly more offense against Perfect, but it's never mentioned by commentary. More chants for HBK this week. Mike Bell is probably best known for being the guy that Saturn beat the fuck out of on an episode of Jakked in 2001. He lost to the Perfect Plex, of course. He also jobbed to KANYON in 2003 on Velocity. 


TO MOTHER NATURE. Ludvig Borga, known Nazi sympathizer, is chilling in the woods in his jorts and sleeveless shirt, ragging on America for having polluted rivers.

Bobby Heenan speaks with a couple. The man proposes to his girlfriend. Brain eats popcorn and and hands the Asian woman his used tissue. "Well, I hope you have a nice wedding, and remember one thing: You'll probably be hungry in an hour." 

IRS vs PJ Walker

Razor quickly comes down to ringside. This causes a distraction for the tax mayne, which allows PJ to score just an incredible upset victory. 

TO THE BRAIN. Bobby speaks with the Quebecers and Raven backstage. Johnny says the Steiners will not get their title shot next week, but someone will.

Next week will have the Raw debut of Ludvig Borga, and the return of JIMMY SNUKA. 

Two pretty solid Raws in a row has to be a record for 1993.