WWF Monday Night Raw 9/13/93

After a MONTH off, Raw returns to the air and the Manhattan Center. WWF history will be made tonight. The Steiners will defend their titles against the Quebecers under Quebec Province Rules. The Rules are: The titles can be lost by DQ and count out, piledrivers are illegal, jumping off the rope is illegal, and throwing an opponent over the top rope is illegal.

The Quebecers vs Steiner Brothers WWF Tag Team Championships

Quebec Province Rules

The Steiners do not seem to be worried at all about these rules. They absolutely dominate in the opening minutes of the match. I love Rick randomly going for a piledriver, a move I think I've seen do 3 times in his entire career, just so Scott could tell him not to do it so they wouldn't lose. That's like dudes trying to powerbomb Kidman, or guys like Mark Henry randomly going to the top rope against Undertaker so he could get powerbombed. Scott spends most of the match in the ring, and he's eventually laid out with a lariat to change the momentum ever so briefly. Rick continues to do things that would get them disqualified if Scott didn't stop him. You see, Rick is an idiot. Scott eventually ends up as something of a FIP, getting hit with a nasty looking snake eyes that he was lucky not to have broken his arm or torn a muscle on. Scott makes the hot tag, which of course was not seen by Earl. The hot tag is made, but Scott tries to win with a frankensteiner right after. Johnny Polo's hockey stick found its way into the ring, but Earl turned around to see Scott using it. The Steiners are disqualified. NEW CHAMPIONS! Lol. Certainly the best Raw match since Bret/Bam Bam. The Quebecers had a lot of really neat double team spots. 

Mr. Perfect vs Tony Devito

Devito actually runs to the back and gets dragged back to the ring. Fans chant WE WANT SHAWN for much of the short match. Perfect Plex for the win.

TO SUMMERSLAM. After Lex's victory over Yokozuna (by DQ), Ludvig Borga invaded Lex's locker room to tell him he wasn't impressed with Lex, his friends, or America. 

Razor Ramon vs Executioner

I'm going to assume the Executioner is actually Gillberg under a hood. He's someone, at least, because he gets a strangely large amount of offense against Razor. Razor wins with the super back drop. Didn't even bother with the Razor's Edge. He hit one after the match, though. 

A nice ad with a bald fat guy not wanting to bang his porn star wife because he was tired, but then got energized to watch Raw. 

TO THE MCMAHON. Vince speaks with The Quebecers and Johnny Polo. The best team in the sport today! For the first time in history, two French Canadians are WWF champions! Vince tries to bait them into a rematch. Well, if one of the Steiners can beat one of the Quebecers, why not? NEXT WEEK. Lol, someone got bleeped. More than once. 

TO THE JERRY LEWIS TELETHON. Brain and Randy Savage were guests. Brain got him confused with Jerry Lee Lewis and Sherry Lewis. "What do you do?" "I'm a Jew in heat. What do I do?"

Rich Myers vs Doink

Rich attacks Doink before the bell. This feels like the start of a Doink face turn to me. In fact, there was a large LET'S GO DOINK chant that broke out. Vince started laughing during a copy read for Silk Stalkings and could barely get through it. I don't know what was so funny to him. He said a word wrong and then couldn't stop laughing. Doink kills this guy. Crush calls in saying he's bigger and better than ever. After the match, Brain tried to get Doink to throw water on Vince and Macho, but Doink SWERVED him. After a break, Doink came back out and teased throwing another bucket at Vince and Macho, but instead threw a bucket of glitter on some fans. So I guess Doink is a face now.

There was an ad for King of The Ring on NES and Gameboy read by Gorilla Monsoon. He said, and I quote, "WWF King of The Ring from GameBoy and NES!" Not FOR. FROM. 

As a complete show, this was certainly the best in quite a while. The tag match was the best since Bam Bam/Bret, the squash matches were short and to the point, and the crowd was 100% down for a Doink face turn.