WWF Monday Night Raw 10/4/93

Battle Royal

The last two remaining men in this will face off next week for the IC title. There are 5,790 pounds of humanity in the ring. Macho is the last in and he immediately attacks Giant Gonzalez from behind. And indeed, the giant is the first to be eliminated, with the cooperation of half the field. All of these guys in this match makes me think the rest of the show is going to be absolute horrendous dog shit. This has basically everyone besides Bret, Taker, and Yoko. I would definitely pop for a Bob Backlund win here. You surely know by know that I'm a big Backlund mark. If you don't know for some reason, do a search of Bob Backlund on this site. HEY, wtf happened to Mr. Hughes? This is your normal shitty battle royal. Has there ever been even a decent battle royal that wasn't a Royal Rumble? The traditional battle royal of starting with 10/20/30 dudes in the ring has always been dogshit. This is no different, despite the number of pretty good dudes in this match. Things break down to Qubecers/Adam Bomb/Model vs Razor/Macho. Mind you, it hasn't even been 12 months since Razor and Macho were feuding with each other, and Razor's face turn consisted entirely of turning down being a maid for Ted DiBiase. The final four are Quebecers, Martel, and Razor. A French Canadian alliance against the Cubano. Very unfair. Obviously, this ends up with a triple team against Razor. He's able to get Pierre to accidentally eliminate Mountie, then he eliminates Pierre. Razor vs Martel next week for the title! 

Heavenly Bodies vs Scott Taylor/Mark Thomas

Why they had the names of these two mixed up is anyone's guess. They'd call guys by the wrong name in jobber tags all the time. Of course, everyone's timing is off again. Maybe you shouldn't have your big double team spots be dependant on your jobber opponents having perfect timing. Bodies were on their Condrey/Eaton Midnights kill the jobbers shit on this show.

TO THE SUPERSTARS. This weekend, Doink threw a glitter bomb at Bam Bam. Luna got the bucket of water. Doink then continued to joke around and make a fool of Bam Bam.

Doink vs Cory Student

Doink is already handing out candy to kids in the crowd. ONE WEEK after his turn. Doink obviously wins quickly. Bam Bam and Luna come out, but they're held back by officials. Bam Bam beat up Doink's little wagon.    

The fuck were you expecting from a show that put all of it's stars in a battle royal at the beginning of the show? When you see them all together, you see that the WWF had a pretty solid roster in 1993, but they're using about 4 people for angles at any given time.