WWF Monday Night Raw 10/11/93

Razor Ramon vs Rick Martell WWF Intercontinental Championship

Man, you really get a sense of how huge Razor was, because he towers over Martel, who himself is a big fucking dude. Seems clear they had Martel randomly reappear just to lend some credibility to the title change. Martel works the back, Razor works the arm. After Martel scores a series of near falls, Razor wins with the Razor's Edge. New champion!

Headshrinkers vs Jobbers

Fuck their names. Headshrikers eat these guys.

Owen Hart vs Scott King

Blazing blue, dawg. Feels like Owen hasn't been in a solo match on Raw in 6 months. Owen gives this guy way too much offense. He wins with a northern lights suplex.

ICOPRO, you gotta want it, mayne. 

TO THE MCMAHON. Vince speaks with Ludvig Borga. USA stands for U STINK A LOT. Lol. Fuckin' goof. Enough shit talking about America brings Lex out. Borga can shit on America all he wants, but he's the one who comes here and accepts American pay checks. USA USA USA USA USA! LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! 

Adam Bomb vs Ross Greenberg

Ross is jacked. Give him a chance, Vince! Let my people go! Quick powerbomb win for Adam.

Rock N' Roll Express vs Duane Gill/Barry Hardy

SMW Tag Team Champions, the legendary Rock N' Roll Express are right here on Raw! It's the New Generation. A quick squash to show off some of their double team moves and timing.

It's the NEW GENERATION that features the show starting with the AWA Champion from 1985 and ending with the Rock N' Roll Express