WWF Monday Night Raw 8/16/93

Technically the go home Raw for Summerslam, but I'll have to get into that later.

Ted DiBiase vs 123 Kid

Neither Razor nor IRS are allowed to be at ringside for this match. Ted treats Kid like the jobber he was a few months back. Razor does call in during the match, at least. These two don't mesh well at all. For a number of reasons. One was Ted being at the end of his career, hurt, and out of shape. The other being Kid was always flipping and flopping around and a lot of the dudes from the previous era had trouble figuring out wtf he was trying to do. IRS made his way to the ring and shoved the Kid off the ropes, causing a DQ. The Steiners would show up and make the save. 

Headshrinkers vs Mike Khourly/Dave Moraldo

This is going to be bad for these jobbers. I can feel it. Indeed, utter destruction. One breh took a superkick and just stayed unconscious on the mat the rest of the match.

TO THE BACK. Bastian Booger eats ice cream.

Marty Jannetty vs Bastian Booger

God, this piece of shit. Brian Knobs tier. Marty takes the Marty Bump against the post. Then Booger runs into him while he's against the post, and Marty's head audibly cracks against the buckle. Marty won with a roll up. 

TO THE MCMAHON. Vince speaks with Money Inc, who ware in a foul mood. A young Joel Gertner is seen in the crowd.

Men On A Mission vs Barry Horowitz/Mike Sharpe

FUCK. It's like they're trying to put on the worst show possible.

WHO IS LEX LUGER? Oh shit, drugs in sports is the topic. Vince really playing with fire here. Lex never had a drug problem, but he did dabble. "Lex Luger, are you taking steroids?" "Emphatically, absolutely no." Lol, he makes it clear that there is no steroid usage currently in the WWF, but he does go on to admit to being a steroid user before they were made illegal. You don't say. 

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Rich Myers

I think HBK as IC champ was a bad call during this time. Bam Bam needed to be doing more than what he's doing right now (nothing), and he couldn't be in the main events, but he could be feuding over the IC title. He has no angle at all right now.

The Macho Midget heads to the ring with a bevy of beauties. Lmao. That's the end of the show.

The Summerslam spectacular looks better than Summerslam, but I can't find it online. 

So, for some reason that I can't find, Raw will take the next MONTH off. A full month. No warning given on this show, and WWE numbers this episode 30 and the 9/13 show as 31.