WWF Monday Night Raw 5/31/93

TO THE BACK. Hacksaw dedicates this Memorial Day Raw to the TROOPS. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Why yes, that is a man in a singlet with a 2x4 and American flag walking down the street in New York City.

Marty Jannetty vs Bam Bam Bigelow WWF Intercontinental Championship

Sherri is in the corner of Marty to make sure Luna doesn't get involved. And in fact, she attacks Luna before the bell. And during this, Bam Bam attacks Marty. Marty does the 360 bump bouncing off a shoulder block. And again. Marty goes up top to get Bam Bam off his feet. He lands on his feet from a back drop, but runs right into a bear hug. Terrible victory roll. I don't even know how that was supposed to work. Old timey head scissors. He goes for another victory roll. Bammer counters with an electric chair. Bam Bam with the eye based offense. Standing dropkick. Bam Bam runs into some boots in the corner. Second rope lariato. Superkick! Bam Bam comes back with the butterfly backbreaker. Why do I not remember him doing that at all? Sherri grabs Bam Bam's leg. Marty knocks him to the floor. Baseball slide sends him flying in to the guardrail. Big crossbody to the floor. Bam Bam ends up getting counted out because he was distracted by Sherri again. Title retained. Bam Bam hit the full weight senton on Marty after the match.

After a break, Sherri calls Luna out. CAT FIGHT CAT FIGHT CAT FIGHT! You see, women are cats and men are dogs. That's just how it goes. Bam Bam held Sherri back so Luna could attack her tits. For real. Tatanka made the save. Sherri's chin was cut open and Tatanka totally copped a feel on her. What a creep.

Steiner Brothers vs Executioner/Rich Myers

Weirdly, Rick starts the match. Tiltawhirl back breaker. Steinerline. Myers tags in and is hit with the Michigan Stampede. Scott tags in. Belly to belly. Steiner Recliner...from Rick! The Steiners seem more vicious than usual tonight. Steiner Screwdriver! Steiner Bulldog for the win.

Mr. Hughes vs Bert Centeno

Quick squash.

TO THE KOTR REPORT. Nothing new to report. The card was finalized last week.

Jim Duggan vs Mark Thomas

Easy win for Hacksaw. Hooooooooooooooooooooo!

TO THE BACK. We get to hear from the 123 Kid for the first time. Razor's bet has gone up to $5K, but he can't take Razor up on it knowing what might happen to him.

Razor Ramon vs Tony Roy

Macho leads a 123 chant. Razor nearly gets rolled up in the first seconds of the match. He unleashes some nasty chops in the corner. Fall away slam. Jeeeeezus. Super back drop drivaaaaah. Fucking brutal. Similarly brutal looking Razor's Edge for the win.

Next week will have Tito vs Adam Bomb and Yoko on the King's Court.

TO THE McMAHON. Yoko and Fuji have the nerve to come on the show on MEMORIAL DAY. Why does Fuji have an ear stud? Yoko says Hulkamania will DIE. Oh my! Vince says Hulk might be here next week!

It's kind of weird that Yoko is billed from the Polynesian Islands, but is the representative of Japan and implied to be Japanese. Even though he doesn't look Japanese at all.