WWF Monday Night Raw 5/24/93

TO THE BACK. Lord Al demands to come on the air. He saw Doink go under the ring, but Doink is also outside. It's an illusion! Weird Al gets a spray from the flower.

Doink vs Mr. Perfect KOTR Qualifier

They previously had two draws on one of the weekend shows. Doink ambushes Perfect and chokes him with his towel. Perfect comes back with a clothesline with the towel. Slugfest. Doink goes for a kick. Perfect catches it and takes him down, jamming the knee. Perfect uses the ring post to continue the leg work. Doink hits a big kick that stuns Perfect. Perfect is thrown to the floor. Perfect gets posted. Both guys throw some stiff shots to the face. Fireman carry. Perfect counters into a headscissors. Some legit ass wrasslin on the mat. Doink has a Fujiwara arm bar. Perfect rolls out and goes back to the leg. I love that Macho is now a super mark for Perfect after Survivor Series 1992. Inverted Indian deathlock. Every time Doink sits up to break the count, Perfect slaps him. Until Doink goes for the eyes. They head to the floor and Perfect goes shoulder first into the post. Double leg takedown from Perfect. Doink uses the post himself to continue the arm work. Doink is legit. This match is legit. Lots of psychology and good selling. Heel Doink was good before Matt Bourne left and he turned into an actual face clown character. Lariatooo after a break from Perfect. Another one sends Doink to the floor. A second Doink comes out and hides under the ring. Twin Magic! The new Doink hits a monkey flip and is in control. Perfect Plex OUTTA NOWHERE! Perfect wins! Man, this was a shockingly good match even if it wasn't giffable. Both Doinks attack after the match. Crush makes the save. So far there have been 4 good matches in 18 weeks and Perfect was in two of them. I wish there had been something to gif in this, but it was good. They knocked the shit out of each other, Doink sold the leg the whole match, Perfect sold the arm, lots of psychology and good selling going on. Really enjoyable stuff.

TO THE KOTR REPORT. The first round matches are set. Bret vs Razor, Perfect vs Hughes, Duggan vs Bam Bam, and Lex vs Tatanka. Hogan promo on Yoko. This is his first promo of any kind since winning the title at WM over a month ago. You see, Raw is special to Hogan and Jimmy because Jimmy became a Hulkamaniac on Raw. Man, even as a kid I thought that was BULLSHIT. Jimmy spent nearly 10 years trying to take Hogan out and all the sudden he's a Hulkamaniac? Get that shit out of here. Hulk talks about how his pythons are larger than they've ever been when he's legitimately the smallest he's ever been as a pro wrestler and Vince even mentioned that Hulk was training to lose size to gain speed. How the fuck does Hulk get away with not defending his title for over 2 months? I mean, Gene actually made a point to say Hogan was making his first defense at KOTR. WM9 was on April 4th. KOTR is on June 13th. How is this okay?

Money Inc. vs Mike Bell/Tony Devito

Ted does an old school shoe shine for $100 deal. A kid, maybe a teenager comes in to shine those shoes. This is earned income, so after taxes, the kid got $30. Is this the same Mike Bell that Saturn tried to murder in 2001 or 2002? IRS and Bell start. Fucking Devito. Can you believe this shit head was in ROH for years? A Ted lariato sends him to the floor momentarily. Macho talks about how there are a lot of fires burning and Jack Tunney is responsible for half of them. It's so weird that growing up I didn't question Tunney's authority, but when I watch back as an adult, he was a goof who had no idea what was going on and even faces like Hogan and Savage would shit on him. Lariatooo from IRS. It gets the win and Vince himself says it was a squash.

Crush vs Bobby Who

I like that Vince tries to get "The original Hawaiian Crush" over as if it sounds bad ass. And that Macho says "Shaka, brah" every time Crush is on screen or even mentioned. Crush wins quickly with the Coconut Crush.

TO THE McMAHON. Razor requested an interview specifically with Vince. He's not happy about last week. The Kid didn't beat him. He's the main mayne in the WWF. Razor offers Kid $2500 if he can beat Razor again. Nobody calls Razor Ramon a loser. As Vince talks about the KOTR, Bret Hart comes out. Razor isn't happy about Bret coming in on his interview time. Bret gets a 123 chant going. Bret buries Razor for losing to one of the underneath guys.

Brain again does the TV gimmick. Vince buries CSPAN. Somehow, Johnny Polo comes on the TV and knows that Brain is watching and they talk to each other. Don't change that dial!

Adam Bomb vs Phil Apollo

It's a shame Wrath never lived up to his looks, because he looked awesome. He looked like a complete monster, but his ring work never, ever got close to matching it. A lot like Sid, in many ways. Sid was given more chances, though. He quickly wins with a flying lariato and powerbomb.

Next week will have Bam Bam vs Marty.

TO THE BACK. A quick promo from Bam Bam saying he picked Luna for a reason and will beat Marty next week.

Pretty decent show. It seems they're pulling out of the absolutely dreadful string of shows they had for about 10 weeks straight. Bartlett being removed doesn't seem like it would be that big of a deal, but it is HUGE. He did his best to ruin everything. There probably would have been a few decent shows before last week if not for him.