WWF Monday Night Raw 6/14/93

We have a new champion in Yokozuna. Hulkamania is dead. Bret Hart is the King of the ring. Shit is getting cray.

TO THE LAST NIGHT. Gene talked with Yoko and Fuji after the show. This is about the celebration in America. And they're going to do it on the 4th of July. And at some historical US landmark.

Mr. Perfect vs LA Gore

Perfect had a good showing, but just couldn't beat the Hitman. I think he's going to take it out on Gore. Gore gets a cheap shot to the eyes and throws a few chops. Perfect shows him how to chop. And then starts punching the shit out of him. Perfect neck whip. Perfect Plex for the win.

TO THE McMAHON. Vince brings Razor to the ring. He now has a sack of money with him. It says $10,000 on it. Vince is so unsubtle in getting the crowd to chant 123, but he needs to be like that because the crowd is full of dumb dumbs. He's offering $10K for Kid to get back in the ring. Kid could buy a new life with that kind of money.

Doink vs Marty Jannetty

Doink comes out with a can of Pepsi (the choice of a NEW GENERATION, my god, I've cracked the code!) and goes under the ring. He comes out the other side and sprays the Pepsi on Vince and Macho. Wait a minute, that's a different Doink! Doink attacks before the bell. Marty fights back and hits a second rope face buster. Arm drag! A shoulder block nearly sends Marty to the floor. He slides back in and decks Doink. After a break, Marty hits a dropkick. But which Doink did he hit? Leverage move does send Marty out, but they quickly head back in. Crossbody. 2 count. There is a fan in a creepy Hogan mask and he's flexing. Powerslam from Doink. Doink is doing some amateur stuff, getting his hooks in and applying a gross half nelson. Whoopee Cushion! It's not a finisher yet. Doink takes too much time going up again. Marty catches him. Marty keeps making bad pins, so much that Vince calls him out on it. Both men go over the top and brawl on the floor. Superkick to the throat. Rana on the floor. Double count out.

Owen Hart vs Dan Dubiel

Finally. Owen hasn't been on in like 10 weeks. Owen slaps the taste out of this jobber's mouth. 123 Kid is called from Osaka, Japan. As Owen is stretching this dude, Kid is talking about how big Yoko winning the title was in Japan. Vince informs him of the $10K offer. Cash? Kid is going to do it! "Alright, yay, yay!" Not yeah. Vince was saying "Yay yay!" Spinning heel kick. Missile dropkick. Owen was a lot thicker than I remember. Northern lights suplex for the easy win.

TO THE SUPERSTARS. We're shown Mr. Hughes and Giant Gonzalez (and Harvey) beating down Taker/Paul and stealing the urn. It happened during a match with Justin Credible.

Jerry Lawler vs Mark Thomas

I wish they would have done a better job of not having guys wear the same outfits for multiple tapings. It's so obvious that this was taped before KOTR since Savage and King are wearing the same outfits as the week before KOTR. Well, that and no one in the ring made any mention of any events of the KOTR. King is wearing pink and black. Macho says he's in the DANGER ZONE. Yeah. Mmh hmm. North of Hell and South of Mars, yeah, dig it. Brain has a scoop: As part of Yoko's celebration, he is going to offer any professional athlete the chance to body slam him on the 4th of July because he wants to embarrass every American athlete. Piledriver and first drop for the win.

Next week has Doink vs Jannetty 2/3 falls and Razor vs Kid for the money.