WWF Monday Night Raw 4/5/93

The Raw after Wrestlemania! Oddly enough, Both men are wearing the same outfits as last week. And the two weeks before that. Jerry Lawler will make his Raw debut tonight.

Virgil vs Bam Bam Bigelow

They talk about Hogan winning the title and how Fuji/Yoko are protesting Hogan's win. VIRGIL SUCKS chant. Virgil is actually in control for the opening moments. Until he tries a crucifix and gets squashed. Vince believes WM9 was the greatest WM of all time. It's pretty good, tbh.  This is so boring. This should be a real jobber, not Virgil. Apparently, Barlett lost everything in Las Vegas and couldn't make it to the show. Fans are chanting something, but I have no idea what it is. All I know is that this is super boring. Virgil fights out of a bear hug and hits a missile dropkick. Bammer mercifully ends this with a diving headbutt.

Jerry Lawler vs

King refuses to wrestle due to the BURGER KING chants.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene is with Yoko/Fuji, apparently after WM. They protest Hulk Hogan winning the title as there was no contract signed and no match was sanctioned.

Kimchee vs Bob Backlund

Kimchee gets a cheap elbow and downs Backlund. Bob Backlund is underrated in the list of wrasslers with badonkadonks. He's got some hams on him. This is also super boring. back suplex from Bob. Backlund wins with a bridging pin with no set up.

Damian Demento vs Jim Brunzell

Rob Bartlett calls in. He's out of money. He's got nothing left. He's desperate. He asks for Vince to send him a ticket or wire him some money. Vince claims there is line trouble and hangs up. What a dick. But I'm so glad he did it. The end of Rob Bartlett! Man, these shows really went to shit in a hurry. Why hasn't Bret been on the show again? Why hasn't Owen been on again? There are only like 10 good wrestlers they had at the time and they're almost never on Raw. This is terrible. Randy Savage is benched because he's "too old", yet Vince has Jim Brunzell, Bob Backlund, Hogan, DiBiase, and other old dudes wrestling. Demento hits a neckbreaker and knee from for the win.

Jerry Lawler vs

King again refuses to wrestle.

Beverly Brothers vs Steiner Brothers

At least someone will get hit hard or dropped on their heads. Scott and Beau begin. Wrasslin. Scott is wrasslin. I wonder how the Beverlys felt about having to completely change and ignore their past while the Steiners (and Headshrinkers, more or less) came in as is. BO pulls Scott down by his mullet. I'm pretty convinced the crazy over the top bump at WM9 is what turned Scott into Big Poppa Pump. Tiger Driver. Blake tags in. Rick tags in and gets powerslammed. Rick responds with one of his own. Rick is just having fun in there, guys! Scott is in with a belly to belly. Cheap shot puts Scott on the defense. WGTT leap frog. Fonzie of course misses Scott making the tag. Scott is FIP for a while. Tiltawhirl slam OUTTA NOWHERE. Hot tag to Rick. Steinerlines. This isn't nearly as interesting as their Rumble match, which itself wasn't very interesting to begin with.

Jerry Lawler vs Jim Powers

Man, the Wellness Era did not do Powers any favors. He looks so tiny compared to the 80s. He attacks King before the match to make sure a match will actually happen. Powers is legit smaller than King. I mean, he's more cut up, but he's still smaller than King. This sucks. God damn does it suck. The last 2-3 shows have made me want to give up on wrestling forever. They put on pretty much the worst shows they can with terrible, terrible "comedy" ruining things that are even bordering on decent. Powers is getting most of the offense of this match. King wins with a piledriver. King did a lot of shit talking to Macho during the match and continued afterwards. Playing up the McMemphis angle I believe. In fact, he challenges Savage to end the show.

Next week will have Money Inc. vs Bushwhackers. Fuck. The only good thing is that Rob Bartlett is gone.