WWF Monday Night Raw 1/18/93

Bartlett has the fucking nerve to rip up a picture of Brain. Then Repo Man attacks Savage OUTTA NOWHERE and steals his hat.

Terry Taylor vs Mr. Perfect

I liked Taylor's 1992 WCW work. I'm not sure why he jumped back and forth between WCW and WWF (and then TNA) for the next 20 years, but he's back in the WWF and gets a long match with Perfect on Raw. Taylor was actually originally slated for the Mr. Perfect gimmick, but it was given to Hennig and Taylor got stuck with the Red Rooster, which really ruined his career. I don't think he would have been a main event guy or anything, but it definitely hampered him from that point on. He was a solid guy who could have a decent match with anyone and make big stiffs look good. A really enjoyable mid card guy. Brain called in, gave Bartlett the business, and then revealed he was calling collect. SWERVE. Ric Flair came out and got some shots in on Perfect. It didn't matter because Perfect hit the Perfect Plex as soon as he got back in the ring.

Bret Hart ICOPRO ad. Followed by a Macho Man Slim Jim ad.

Vince conducted an in ring interview with Bret Hart. Bret thinks it was bullshit that Razor attacked Owen and even worse that Razor would think about hitting a 78 year old Stu. He's going to excellently execute that ass.

Marty Jannetty vs Glenn Ruth

Poor Thrasher. Dude has awful early 90s trunks and a receding hairline. I can't even listen to this shit with Bartlett talking. HBK called in. Since I'm not listening, I'll paraphrase what I assume he was saying. "Pills. I fucking love pills. You carrying? I'm not jobbing to him. PUSSSSSSSSYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY." Marty won with the Rocker Dropper.

We're shown footage from Superstars of Doink pulling his arm off and beating Crush with it. What a son of a bitch.

TO THE BACK. Sean Mooney runs into Repo Man, who has Savage's hat. Macho does not take it well. I think we're going to get a New York street fight with the two.

TO THE UPDATE CENTER. Gene catches us up with all the news on the Royal Rumble. We get a promo from Razor. He's taking that title, chico.

TO THE BACK. Sean Mooney is outside. Randy Savage is looking in random cars and limos for the Repo Man.

El Matador vs Ric Flair

This probably would have been dope in 1984. I can't believe Vince went along with this fuckhead shitting all over his product the entire show. Jeeeeeeeeezus I fucking hate Rob Bartlett. Bret is going to be on Regis and Kathy Lee Wednesday. This is obviously a smarky NYC crowd, as they get a "Let's go Flair" chant going. Bartlett is such a piece of shit. He might be the worst color guy of all time. Why the fuck is Earl fast counting Flair? That shit isn't fair to Flair. He's a piece of shit too. Fuck Earl Hebner. He's a TERRIBLE ref. Dude is always in the way and out of position at the same time. And he always telegraphs all of his bumps. He fucking sucks. Flair is firmly in control. Tito gets a solid back drop. I like that Flair was so pissed about the hair cut Jim Herd made him get that he grew his hair out for the next 3 years. Flair goes to the top for no reason. What a shocker, he gets slammed. Flair Flip. Flying Burrito! Flair dodges the second one and Tito goes flying over the top. Mr. Perfect runs out and attacks Flair, causing a DQ. They fight and officials try to break it up.

After a break, Flair and Perfect fight back out to ringside. Flair challenges Perfect to a loser leaves town match for next week. Perfect agrees to the match.

Rob Bartlett is a piece of SHIT.