WWF Monday Night Raw 12/6/93

Shawn Michaels vs 123 Kid

Kid actually controlled the first part of the match, scoring multiple near falls and having HBK frustrated. Then he took a big bump to the floor  and shit was never the same. In between his short bursts of offense, he was taking insane bumps. HBK had the match won with a Razor's Edge, but decided to hit another. After going for the third, Razor came out and saved Kid. HBK slapped Razor, who chased Shawn to the entrance, where Diesel was waiting and nailed Razor. SWERVE! Shawn then hits the weakest and worst looking Razor's Edge ever performed to Razor himself out on the floor. Then another, and it was just about as terrible. This all took up about half of the show.

Quebecers vs Mike Walsh/Bert Centano

The Mounties won with a brutal cannonball that landed on Bert's FACE. 

Vince and Brain got a few words with Owen, who said he's got a surprise that's going to make everyone talk about him.

Doink vs Tony Devito

Man, not only did Dink have to be a fucking clown, he's wheeled out there in a fucking BABY STROLLER. Doink quickly won with the whoopee cushion.

Double J is still wandering around Nashville trying to get anyone to pay attention to him. These are the worst segments. THE WORST.

Crush vs Tony Roy

Macho Man called in from the UK, while he and Vince openly agreed that Jack Tunney OVERSTEPPED HIS BOUNDS by removing Randy from commentary. Meanwhile, Crush decimates Tony Roy.

Gorilla Monsoon comes out to ringside and grabs Bobby Heenan. Gorilla drags him to the back, throws him and his belongings out, telling Brain he's no longer welcome in the WWF. The show ends with a dejected, tearful salute from Bobby Heenan, who would start work with WCW in January 1994 and would not be back on WWE programming until Wrestlemania 17.