WWF Monday Night Raw 12/20/93

Two months ago, Ludvig Borga ended the two year winning streak of Tatanka. Now, Tanaka gets his chance for revenge tonight on MONDAY NIGHT RAAAAAAAAAW.

Shawn Michaels joins Vince for commentary this week.

Jeff Jarrett vs PJ Walker

After what feels like 4 years of vignettes, Jeff is finally making his WWF debut. And it's against Justin Credible. Jeff wins with a goofy looking jumping DDT in a squash match that didn't even make him look good.

Men On A Mission vs Dwayne Gill/Barry Hardy

Mabel pinned Barry with a second rope splash. Rude.


Ludvig Borga vs Tatanka

Tatanka comes in completely on fire and DOMINATING Borga more than anyone ever has. It's a few minutes in before Borga gets any offense, and his first move is just barreling over Tatanka. Some ROUGH shots from Borga. As Tatanka is building up momentum, Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji come to ringside. Fuji caused a DQ after hitting Tatanka with his flag. Yoko then got in the ring, but Tatanka began to fight him off. Borga jumped him, and LEX LUGER came down to make the save. Lex slammed Yoko again. 

Captain Lou strolls out to the ring, gets introduced before a match, then does nothing.

Adam Bomb vs Mark Thomas

Adam quickly dropped the bomb while Vince and HBK discussed Barney the Dinosaur.

TO THE TRACK. Sparky Thurman Plug was on the race track, cutting a promo in the snake pit during a live race, which means half of it was drowned out when the cars went by him.

Coverage of the Bret/Owen saga. Under no circumstances would Bret ever get into the ring with his own brother. 

Owen Hart vs Mike Bell

Owen invents the head scissors DDT since Mike Bell doesn't know how to roll. That was nasty. He won with the sharpshooter.

TO THE WORKSHOP. Undertaker is working on his double wide, double deep casket. 

Headshrinkers vs Phil Apollo/Jerry Seavy

A quick, violent victory for the Headshrinkers.