WWF Monday Night Raw 12/13/93

Replacing Bobby Heenan as the new color commentator of Raw is Jim Cornette.

Randy Savage vs Fatu

Fatu destroyed Macho. Like, full on squash level destruction for most of the match. Then Macho knocked Fatu off the ropes, hit an ax handle that sent him into the guardrail, hit a big lariat, and won with the elbow drop. 

TO THE TODD. Todd bought time on Raw to challenge Jack Tunney's authority and have Randy Savage reinstated as a commentator in the WWF. "Slim would take a bump for Mania." Luckily, there's a hotline you can call into to vote for it!


A Lex Luger just say no PSA.

Smoking Gunns vs Steve Smyth/Jim Massenger

A quick squash for the Gunns.

IRS vs Todd Mata

A camera man caught a glimpse inside IRS' briefcase, which caused him to shove the cameraman off the apron. IRS quickly won with a backdrop.

Yokozuna dressed up as Santa Claus and did Santa things in NYC for da kids. But it turns out, it was only a dream! It also appears Fuji sleeps next to Yoko.

The Undertaker vs JS Storm

Taker decimated this dude. Far more aggressive than usual. Dude even got the body bag treatment. 


Rick Martel vs Tim McNeany

Rick quickly won with the Quebec crab.

TO THE SUPERSTARS. Vince McMahon spoke with Owen Hart. Owen is sick of being in the shadow of Bret, and challenges him to a match. 

Bret Hart vs Brooklyn Brawler

Bret won with the sharpshooter in about 4 minutes. 

Double J finally makes his "much anticipated" in ring debut next week. Can't be any worse than his vignettes, at least.