WWF Monday Night Raw 11/29/93

Steiner Brothers vs Reno Riggins/Mike Quary

Reno got hit with the Screwdriver. Scott didn't even make a pin, instead forcing his dead body to tag and beating the other dude with a Frankensteiner. 

Jeff Jarrett goes to Buddy Lee Productions, where he's ignored completely, because even in 1993, no one wanted Jeff Jarrett around.

Diesel vs Razor Ramon

Diesel controlled most of the match working on Razor's lower back. As Razor made his big come back and was about to hit the Razor's Edge, HBK made his SHOCKING return and attacked. The 123 Kid then saved Razor. This was essentially the TV version of their Summerslam 1994 match, and actually more entertaining since it wasn't so long and full of dead spots.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs John Crystal

Bam Bam very easily won with an enzuigiri.

We're shown footage from Wrestling Challenge, where Doink got Dink from Santa. 

TO THE MCMAHON. Vince is in the ring to introduce the 1993 Superstar Of The Year. But first, he introduces the runner up: Lex Luger. Lex introduces the winner: Bret Hart! He cut a kind of rambling promo where he promised to win back the WWF Championship for the fans that haven't stopped believing him.

Owen Hart vs Chris Duffey

Owen, fresh off of being the only member of his family team at Survivor Series to be eliminated, is back with a new attitude and new gear. Owen won with the sharpshooter, but a significant amount of the crowd now boos him. After the match, Brain asked him about how he felt about Bret winning the wrestler of the year trophy, and about what happened at Survivor Series. Owen refused to answer either question.

Ludvig Borga vs Scott Taylor

Poor Scotty got destroyed. 

Next week has HBK vs 123 Kid!