WWF Monday Night Raw 12/27/93

The QUEBECERS are doing color commentary tonight. The heck?

Lex Luger vs Barry Horrowitz

Lol, Barry actually got a good bit of offense. Not that it mattered much. Lex won with a superplex. 

Johnny Polo vs Marty Jannetty

Two fucking months ago, Johnny Polo interfered in the Marty Jannetty/123 Kid match, and now he's finally having to face Marty in a match. And not only that, the previously never having wrestled (on TV) Johnny Polo (a manager) is giving a former IC champion the business. Lmao, Raven out here doing pescados. He's a MANAGER. CARL helped Raven win, but Marty also got dominated by a fucking manager before that, so the damage was already done. 

Doink vs Spike Gray

Doink won with one move: A German suplex, after Dink fuckery.

TO THE ROYAL RUMBLE REPORT. Bret and Owen Hart have repaired their relationship and will be facing the Quebecers for the tag titles. 

Crush vs Mike Moraldo

Quick win for Crush.


The Hitman says: DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

Alundra Blayze and Heidilee Morgan introduce highlights of their WWF Women's Championship match, which was the finals of a tournament, none of which was shown on TV, not even the title match. Even though it was taped at Raw events. Madusa won the title, being the first Women's Champion since 1990.

Vingette for KWANG! 

Razor Ramon vs Derrick Domino

Razor hit the super fall away slam AND super back drop. Razor's Edge for the win.

So ends the first year of Raw. It took about 17 weeks to have a good show start to finish, and then probably another 17 to have another good show. What I'm saying is that the first year of Raw as mostly garbage, with some pretty good individual matches every few weeks. This was still a period where they were trying to make Raw the hot weekly show that mattered, yet still had to make the side shows important, and therefore would go literally 2 months at a time following up on big angles. I would say the MVP of the year was probably HBK, even with him missing a big chunk of the last quarter of the year. Could have been Bret if he was on more often. 

WWF Monday Night Raw 12/20/93

Two months ago, Ludvig Borga ended the two year winning streak of Tatanka. Now, Tanaka gets his chance for revenge tonight on MONDAY NIGHT RAAAAAAAAAW.

Shawn Michaels joins Vince for commentary this week.

Jeff Jarrett vs PJ Walker

After what feels like 4 years of vignettes, Jeff is finally making his WWF debut. And it's against Justin Credible. Jeff wins with a goofy looking jumping DDT in a squash match that didn't even make him look good.

Men On A Mission vs Dwayne Gill/Barry Hardy

Mabel pinned Barry with a second rope splash. Rude.


Ludvig Borga vs Tatanka

Tatanka comes in completely on fire and DOMINATING Borga more than anyone ever has. It's a few minutes in before Borga gets any offense, and his first move is just barreling over Tatanka. Some ROUGH shots from Borga. As Tatanka is building up momentum, Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji come to ringside. Fuji caused a DQ after hitting Tatanka with his flag. Yoko then got in the ring, but Tatanka began to fight him off. Borga jumped him, and LEX LUGER came down to make the save. Lex slammed Yoko again. 

Captain Lou strolls out to the ring, gets introduced before a match, then does nothing.

Adam Bomb vs Mark Thomas

Adam quickly dropped the bomb while Vince and HBK discussed Barney the Dinosaur.

TO THE TRACK. Sparky Thurman Plug was on the race track, cutting a promo in the snake pit during a live race, which means half of it was drowned out when the cars went by him.

Coverage of the Bret/Owen saga. Under no circumstances would Bret ever get into the ring with his own brother. 

Owen Hart vs Mike Bell

Owen invents the head scissors DDT since Mike Bell doesn't know how to roll. That was nasty. He won with the sharpshooter.

TO THE WORKSHOP. Undertaker is working on his double wide, double deep casket. 

Headshrinkers vs Phil Apollo/Jerry Seavy

A quick, violent victory for the Headshrinkers. 

WWF Monday Night Raw 12/13/93

Replacing Bobby Heenan as the new color commentator of Raw is Jim Cornette.

Randy Savage vs Fatu

Fatu destroyed Macho. Like, full on squash level destruction for most of the match. Then Macho knocked Fatu off the ropes, hit an ax handle that sent him into the guardrail, hit a big lariat, and won with the elbow drop. 

TO THE TODD. Todd bought time on Raw to challenge Jack Tunney's authority and have Randy Savage reinstated as a commentator in the WWF. "Slim would take a bump for Mania." Luckily, there's a hotline you can call into to vote for it!


A Lex Luger just say no PSA.

Smoking Gunns vs Steve Smyth/Jim Massenger

A quick squash for the Gunns.

IRS vs Todd Mata

A camera man caught a glimpse inside IRS' briefcase, which caused him to shove the cameraman off the apron. IRS quickly won with a backdrop.

Yokozuna dressed up as Santa Claus and did Santa things in NYC for da kids. But it turns out, it was only a dream! It also appears Fuji sleeps next to Yoko.

The Undertaker vs JS Storm

Taker decimated this dude. Far more aggressive than usual. Dude even got the body bag treatment. 


Rick Martel vs Tim McNeany

Rick quickly won with the Quebec crab.

TO THE SUPERSTARS. Vince McMahon spoke with Owen Hart. Owen is sick of being in the shadow of Bret, and challenges him to a match. 

Bret Hart vs Brooklyn Brawler

Bret won with the sharpshooter in about 4 minutes. 

Double J finally makes his "much anticipated" in ring debut next week. Can't be any worse than his vignettes, at least.

WWF Monday Night Raw 12/6/93

Shawn Michaels vs 123 Kid

Kid actually controlled the first part of the match, scoring multiple near falls and having HBK frustrated. Then he took a big bump to the floor  and shit was never the same. In between his short bursts of offense, he was taking insane bumps. HBK had the match won with a Razor's Edge, but decided to hit another. After going for the third, Razor came out and saved Kid. HBK slapped Razor, who chased Shawn to the entrance, where Diesel was waiting and nailed Razor. SWERVE! Shawn then hits the weakest and worst looking Razor's Edge ever performed to Razor himself out on the floor. Then another, and it was just about as terrible. This all took up about half of the show.

Quebecers vs Mike Walsh/Bert Centano

The Mounties won with a brutal cannonball that landed on Bert's FACE. 

Vince and Brain got a few words with Owen, who said he's got a surprise that's going to make everyone talk about him.

Doink vs Tony Devito

Man, not only did Dink have to be a fucking clown, he's wheeled out there in a fucking BABY STROLLER. Doink quickly won with the whoopee cushion.

Double J is still wandering around Nashville trying to get anyone to pay attention to him. These are the worst segments. THE WORST.

Crush vs Tony Roy

Macho Man called in from the UK, while he and Vince openly agreed that Jack Tunney OVERSTEPPED HIS BOUNDS by removing Randy from commentary. Meanwhile, Crush decimates Tony Roy.

Gorilla Monsoon comes out to ringside and grabs Bobby Heenan. Gorilla drags him to the back, throws him and his belongings out, telling Brain he's no longer welcome in the WWF. The show ends with a dejected, tearful salute from Bobby Heenan, who would start work with WCW in January 1994 and would not be back on WWE programming until Wrestlemania 17.


WWF Monday Night Raw 11/29/93

Steiner Brothers vs Reno Riggins/Mike Quary

Reno got hit with the Screwdriver. Scott didn't even make a pin, instead forcing his dead body to tag and beating the other dude with a Frankensteiner. 

Jeff Jarrett goes to Buddy Lee Productions, where he's ignored completely, because even in 1993, no one wanted Jeff Jarrett around.

Diesel vs Razor Ramon

Diesel controlled most of the match working on Razor's lower back. As Razor made his big come back and was about to hit the Razor's Edge, HBK made his SHOCKING return and attacked. The 123 Kid then saved Razor. This was essentially the TV version of their Summerslam 1994 match, and actually more entertaining since it wasn't so long and full of dead spots.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs John Crystal

Bam Bam very easily won with an enzuigiri.

We're shown footage from Wrestling Challenge, where Doink got Dink from Santa. 

TO THE MCMAHON. Vince is in the ring to introduce the 1993 Superstar Of The Year. But first, he introduces the runner up: Lex Luger. Lex introduces the winner: Bret Hart! He cut a kind of rambling promo where he promised to win back the WWF Championship for the fans that haven't stopped believing him.

Owen Hart vs Chris Duffey

Owen, fresh off of being the only member of his family team at Survivor Series to be eliminated, is back with a new attitude and new gear. Owen won with the sharpshooter, but a significant amount of the crowd now boos him. After the match, Brain asked him about how he felt about Bret winning the wrestler of the year trophy, and about what happened at Survivor Series. Owen refused to answer either question.

Ludvig Borga vs Scott Taylor

Poor Scotty got destroyed. 

Next week has HBK vs 123 Kid!