WWF Prime Time Wrestling 9/29/86

Bob Orton Jr. vs Cousin Luke

Bob got his knees up as Luke ran into the corner and got the pin.

Roddy Piper and Adrian Adonis had their shows right next to each other. Piper also had Don Muraco on. It got really weird when Piper, the face, went on a tirade about how he doesn't want his children to see an idiot like Adonis (IE, a cross dresser, possibly homosexual as well), while Don Muraco, the heel, was talking about how this is America and everyone has the freedom to dress and express themselves how they please. Muraco then helped Adonis and Orton attack Piper, destroy his set, and cover his face in lipstick.

Sivi Afi vs Pete Doherty

Sivi won with a crossbody.

Hart Foundation vs US Express

Time limit draw just as Spivey was pinning Bret after a bulldog.

Rene Goulet vs Pedro Morales

I swear to fuck Pedro's only moves are punches to the face and slaps to the stomach. He won with a roll up. Why is the only triple crown winner at this time in the history of the company having so much trouble with full on jobbers every show?

British Bulldogs vs Iron Sheik/Nikolai Volkoff

Bulldogs won after the old back and forth small package spot. They did the whole match with the ring full of trash, as Sheik and Volkoff got NWO level trash thrown at them before the match.

This show also featured promos from Bundy, Studd, and Jake Roberts, as well as Gorilla tormenting Brain with footage of Hogan beating him up until he walked off the set.