WWF Prime Time Wrestling 9/22/86

Pat Patterson vs Kamala

Kamala won with his terrible splash.

Moondog Rex vs Terry Gibbs

Rex won with a neckbreaker.

Penny Mitchell/Peggy Patterson vs Desiree Peterson/velvet McIntyre WWF Ladies Tag Team Championships

Velvet won with a sunset flip. Titles retained. 

British Bulldogs vs Les Thornton/Jack Foley WWF Tag Team Championships

Poor Mick Foley got the shit kicked out of him. Dynamite pinned him after a super backdrop. Titles retained.

Moondog Spot vs Jose Luis Rivera

Spot won with a shoulder breaker.

Killer Bees vs Dream Team

Hammer hit Brunzell in the back of the head while he had Beefcake in a sleeper. Beefcake made the pin.

This show also featured promos from George Steele and Randy Savage, as well as Nikolai Volkoff with his pet bear on TNT.