WWF Prime Time Wrestling 9/15/86

Pedro Morales vs Randy Savage WWF Intercontinental Championship

Pedro won via count out. Title retained.

Les Thornton vs Nick Kiniski

Kiniski won with a German suplex.

Haku vs Don Muraco

From The Big Event. A time limit draw. Also, Haku is now known as Haku.

Ted Arcidi vs Tony Garea

From The Big Event. Ted very quickly won with a bear hug. 

Mike Sharpe vs Dick Slater

From The Big Event. Slater won with an elbow smash.

Piper's Pit returned, taking over The Flower Shop's timeslot. Adrian Adonis showed up and challenged Piper to a debate in two weeks.

Orndorff was on TNT to continue to shit on Hulk Hogan.

Rougeau Brothers vs Dream Team

From The Big Event. Ray pinned Valentine with a sunset flip.