WWF Prime Time Wrestling 8/4/86

Jake Roberts was scheduled for a match against Sivi Afi, but refused to have another match in Toronto until he got his kind of match with Ricky Steamboat, so Sivi was awarded the match by forfeit. Jake then attacked him and laid him out with the DDT.

Hercules Hernandez vs Scott McGee

Herc won with the torture rack.

US Express vs Funk Brothers

Jimmy Jack hit Spivey with a lariat as Spivey was attempting to bulldog Dory. Dory made the pin.

A clip of Brain introducing Kim Chee, clearly Big John Studd in a mask, from TNT is aired. It was all a ruse to make fun of Andre The Giant's ridiculous disguise as one of the Machines. 

Iron Sheik vs Billy Jack Haynes

Billy had the full nelson on, but Nikolai Volkoff distracted him. Nikolai then tried to interfere only to accidentally kick Sheik. Billy made the cover.

SD Jones vs Rusty Brooks

SD won with a sunset flip.

Rougeau Brothers vs Moondogs

Mountie won with a school boy OUTTA NOWHERE.

Dynamite Kid vs Brutus Beefcake

Dynamite won with a roll up...OUTTA NOWHERE.