WWF Prime Time Wrestling 8/11/86

Terry Gibbs/Les Thornton vs Rougeau Brothers

Mountie won with a missle dropkick. 

Jimmy Jack Funk vs Tony Garea

Jimmy Jack won with a powerslam. 

Ricky Steamboat vs Moondog Rex

Steamboat won with the crossbody block.

Sivi Afi/Lanny Poffo vs Al Navarro/Jimmy Kent

Genius won with the moonsault.

Hercules Hernandez vs Tony Stetson

Torture rack gets another victory.

Billy Jack Haynes vs Steve Lombardi

Billy quickly wins with the full nelson.

Greg Valentine vs Davey Boy Smith

Hammer won with a forearm smash to the neck from the second rope.

This show also featured a Rougeaus Bros music video and Vince McMahon interviewing Hulk Hogan in the gym about Paul Orndorff.