WWF Prime Time Wrestling 7/14/86

Tiger Chung Lee/Les Thornton vs US Express

Spivey pinned Thornton with a bulldog.

Pedro Morales vs Moondog Spot

Pedro won with an O'Connor Roll.

Sheik/Volkoff promo

The Mating Game returned, this time with Gene as the host, and three bachelorettes vying for Jim Neidhart. One of them is Moolah. This is, somehow, even worse than the first one. Moolah got picked, and Jim swept her away to fuck. 


Tony Atlas vs Harley Race

Harley won with a sunset flip OUTTA NOWHERE. 

Billy Jack Haynes Moondog Rex

Billy Jerk won with the full nelson. Fans do not like him at all.

King Tonga vs Pete Doherty

Haku won with a superkick and diving headbutt.

TO JAPAN. Gene is still on assignment in Japan, doing coverage on The Machines.

Hulk Hogan/Paul Orndorff vs Moondogs

Paul won with a terrible piledriver after not tagging Hulk in, then ignored Hulk during the celebration. Then they started posing and it turned into a competition.  

The world was not asking for a show with 3 Moondog matches. This show also had a Sheiky/Volkoff promo.