WWF Prime Time Wrestling 6/9/86

Adrian Adonis vs George Steele

Adrian won after a ref bump and a roll up with a handful of tights.

Tony Parisi vs Steve Lombardi

Tony won with a second rope whoopie cushion. 

Rougeau Brothers vs Hercules Hernandez/Terry Gibbs

The Mountie won with a missile dropkick on Gibbs.

Moondogs vs Tony Parks/Nelson Veilleux

Moondawgs won with a decapitation elbow.

Andre The Giant vs Alexis Smirnoff

A CLASSIC match from...sometime before 1986. Andre won via ass drop.

SD Jones/Paul Roma vs The Menace/Jim Haley

Roma pinned Haley with a powerslam.

King Kong Bundy vs Tony Atlas

Bundy won with an elbow drop.