WWF Prime Time Wrestling 6/23/86

Moondogs vs US Express

IRS won with an airplane spin into FU. Sweaty fuck.

Pedro Morales vs Iron Sheik

Sheiky got disqualified after Pedro got tied up in the ropes, and then he shoved the ref while putting the boots to Pedro.

Mean Gene went on location in Tokyo to find The Machines, but was unable to locate them despite being Giant and Big.

George Wells vs Dory Funk Jr. 

Dory got his knees up on a splash to get the win. 

Lanny Poffo vs Harley Race

Harley won with a fisherman's buster. Brutal match for Lanny.

Nikolai Volkoff vs George Steele

Animal got disqualified for using a chair. 

This show also featured promos from Hulk Hogan and Tito Santana.