WWF Prime Time Wrestling 6/2/86

Danny Spivey vs Don Muraco

Don turned a suplex into a cradle for the pin.

Tony Garea vs Mr. X

Tony won with an O'Connor roll.

Lanny Poffo vs Psycho Capone

Lanny won after a swanton, a moonsault, and then a springboard swanton.

King Tonga vs Tiger Chung Lee

Haku won with a superkick.

Hart Foundation vs British Bulldogs

Finally, a real match. The Hart Foundation had the match won with the Hart Attack, but due to cheating, the decision was overturned. 

A clip from The Mating Game, which aired on Tuesday Night Titans, reairs. Vince is a smarmy, creepy host of a Dating Show knock off. The Hart Foundation and Jimmy Hart were the bachelors vying for a dream date with Phoebe Zimmerman. Bret implied that he can fuck ALL NIGHT LONG. Anvil compared his orgasms to a nuclear explosion. Bret is an expert pussy eater due to having to lick his nose and eyebrows in the cold Calgary winters. WHAT THE FUCK BRET SAID HE'D CHOKER HER OUT WITH A SLEEPER, PUT HER ON HIS SHOULDERS FIREMAN CARRY STYLE, TAKE HER TO HIS ROOM, AND RAVAGE HER BODY. THAT'S RAPE, BRET. This is amazingly awful, lmao. And the woman doesn't want to date any of them, so the Hart Foundation starts calling her a dog. She was replaced with Yolonda Jones, a frumpy middle aged woman with a giant mole on her face. She picked the Anvil, who didn't want any of that. This garbage went on for nearly TWENTY MINUTES. Jesus fuck.

Vince McMahon Phoebe Zimmerman what.gif
Phoebe Zimmerman sighs.gif

Ted Arcidi vs Big John Studd

They brawled to a double count out, which got loud BULLSHIT chants.