WWF Prime Time Wrestling 5/5/86

Jeff Gripley/Ivan McDonald vs Funk Brothers

Utter destruction from the Funks. Dory won with a Texas cloverleaf. 

Bobby Heenan vs Salvatore Bellomo

This was Brain's wrestling debut in MSG. It was from November of 1984 and was originally aired in January of 1985 on PTW. Brain won.

Salvatore Bellomo Irish whips Bobby Heenan.gif

Mike Sharpe vs Brian Blair

Double count out.

Lanny Poffo vs The Gladiator

Genius won with the moonsault.

Donna Christianello vs Linda Gonzales

Linda won with a roll up. 

Tony Atlas/Tony Garea vs Steve Lombardi/The Menace

Atlas won with a standing splash.

Hart Foundation vs Ronny Dee/Mario Mancini

Hart Attack gets the very easy win.

Ted Arcidi vs Chuck Simpson

Ted won with a Canadian backbreaker.

Big John Studd/King Kong Bundy vs Jim Powers/Mike Saxon

Complete squash.

This show also featured Randy Savage cutting a promo on Larry Bird and the Iron Sheik cutting an incomprehensible promo that made Gene start laughing and wrap it up before he was done talking.