WWF Prime Time Wrestling 4/28/86


Nikolai Volkoff vs Tony Garea

Volkoff won with a backbreaker. This might be one of the worst matches I've ever seen.

Tony Garea knee lift to Nikolai Volkoff.gif

Scott McGee vs Jake Roberts

DDT for the win.

Jake Roberts gut buster to Scott McGee.gif

Paul Christy vs King Tonga

Haku won with a diving headbutt.

Haku throat chop to Paul Christy.gif

Lanny Poffo vs Rene Goulett

Genius won with a flipping senton.

Professor Tanaka/Mr. Fuji vs Lenny Hurst/Jose Gonzales

A "classic" MSG match from 1977. Fuji/Tanaka easily won in 2 straight falls.

Mike Sharpe vs Sivi Afa

Afa won via count out.

Iron Sheik vs Corp. Kirchner

Sheiky won via countout.