WWF Prime Time Wrestling 12/23/86

Jimmy Jack Funk vs Blackjack Mulligan

Blackjack won with a flying back elbow. He also ruined Jimmy's hat like a complete dick.

Mike Sharpe vs SD Jones

A young Billy Silverman is the ref for this. SD won with a backslide.

Ricky Steamboat had his speech therapy sessions recorded by WWF cameras.

Blackjack Mulligan showed off the original HONEY WAGGON. 

Jesse Ventura spoke with Andre about his suspension being lifted. Andre won't give Jesse the details. 

Pedro Morales vs Harley Race

Harley won with a roll up and his feet on the ropes.

Roddy Piper did a parody of A Christmas Carol, playing the role of Ebeneezer Piper. It was fucking terrible.

Gene was in the studio to give Gorilla a Christmas present.

Dick Slater vs Steve Lombardi

Slater won with a butterfly suplex.

Dino Bravo vs Corp. Kirchner

Dino won with a back drop.

Adrian Adonis vs Junkyard Dog

JYD won with a countout. Gorilla berried them both after the match for being "very lethargic". 

Outback Jack was down under, getting his face painted by Aborigines.

Danny Davis did a promo saying he only cares about what happens in the ring.

Hulk Hogan vs Hercules WWF Championship

This was from SNME the previous month. Hulk won with the leg drop, but it was a good showing for Herc. Title retained.   

This show also featured a promo from the US Express, as well as a lot of banter with Gorilla and Brain over presents. Merry Christmas!