WWF Prime Time Wrestling 12/15/86

British Bulldogs vs Iron Sheik/Nikolai Volkoff WWF Tag Team Championships

Dynamite dropkicked Bulldog while he was stuck in a back breaker. Titles retained. This was fucking awful.

Butch Reed vs Gatorwolf

Butch won with a flying lariat.

Another update on Ricky Steamboat: He's had an amazing recovery, but another blow to that area could be FATAL. Randy Savage also chimed in, saying the Baby Dragon's career is over.

Jake Roberts vs Dick Slater

Dick cleanly pinned Jake with the elbow smash, but that damn Danny Davis watched Jake put his foot on the bottom rope afterwards, so he called the pin off. When Jake got the snake out, Danny stopped Slater from attacking Jake, so Slater threw him, getting disqualified. Such fuckery for fucking Superstars.

Dan Spivey vs Moondog Spot

Spivey won with a bulldog OUTTA NOWHERE. 

Adrian Adonis vs SD Jones

Roddy Piper came out and attacked Adrian, neccesitating a big pull apart brawl with most of the roster. 

Moondog Rex vs Mike Rotundo

IRS won with the airplane spin FU.

The Islanders vs Don Muraco/Bob Orton Jr.

A double count out. Of course. 

This also featured a Slick promo, who was all over this fucking show.