WWF Prime Time Wrestling 10/6/86

Billy Jack Haynes vs Bob Orton Jr. 

Orton got the pin with a handful of tights that somehow the ref didn't see. 

Islanders vs Moondogs

Tama got the pin with a great Superfly Splash. The Islanders are pretty rad.

Roddy Piper returned to  destroy the Flower Shop. 

Jose Luis Rivera vs Steve Regal

AWA Regal won with a belly to belly. 

Mr. X vs SD Jones

SD won with a second rope headbutt. 

Harley Race vs Tito Santana

Harley is now officially the king, complete with the crown and cape. Brain's numerous instances of interference allowed Harley to get a roll up OUTTA NOWHERE.

Rougeau Brothers vs Hart Foundation

Mountie pinned Anvil with a sunset flip. 

This show also featured a promo by Iron Sheik and intelligent black American Slick, as well as Jesse Ventura interviewing Hulk Hogan.